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So, learn to know each unique facet of your whole self. Discover what makes you tick and why. Realize there comes a
time for demand and a time to surrender. To live a full life requires you learn to do both willingly and wholeheartedly. To not submit when you need to is a sign that pride and ego are holding you (and your dreams) hostage.

And along the way you get to ask yourself the most important question of all. Are you still committed to having your dream come true, to fulfilling your heart’s desire, or is it time for another dream? Is this about accomplishing THE dream or can life be about living, learning and growing through your dreams and failures?

It takes courage to keep going and maturity to know when not to. This is your life that you are designing. Whether you keep going on this dream or create new ones, are you willing to practice using your life’s experiences as the path to open your heart, to feel more deeply and passionately what you want and to really live?

Be honest with yourself throughout the entire process. Notice what you are thinking and feeling. See what actions you are taking or not taking. Keep checking in with the reality of what’s happening and use your expectations to continually re-fuel your desires and move you forward.

Learn the power of expectations. By breaking through the fear of disappointment or unmet expectations, you will be living your life at a whole new level and based on new standards. Life’s daily experiences, even the painful ones, become magnificent opportunities to fully express yourself. Use your expectations to whet your appetite, to get your mouth watering and your taste buds salivating. Expect your life to be a dream come true and be prepared for a feast, regardless of what the menu offers.

Sometimes the experience begins by stopping where you are and emptying out. So stop for a moment, take a long slow breath and ask yourself, “Am I ready to become a dreamer, am I ready to live a more loving, joyful and fulfilling life?”

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