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And the last reason that causes difficulties or causes trauma or problems when we have change is fear of the unknown. Fear of the unknown is huge. It covers a lot of territory. Fear of the unknown can be anything from doing something I dislike to doing something I have done but I don’t know what it’s going to be like in the new circumstance to speaking in front of public, fear of the unknown. I don’t know how it’s going to go, I’m afraid I’m going to blow it, what if it doesn’t go the way I want, what if people don’t like me. What if, what if, what if…..

The reasons people fear change are because of lack of knowledge or skill, physical or resource restrictions, negative past or future projections, discomfort or being comfortable where they are now, or fear of the unknown.

Change is Inevitable

You have been changing all of your life. You cannot not change – it is virtually impossible to not change. Everything about you is changing. The air you had in your lungs five minutes ago is a totally different air than you have in your lungs now. If it wasn’t you would be a bit toxic from the carbon dioxide that’s still in your lungs.

All of your skin cells on the outside of your body die and are replaced every month. It’s a good thing that the epidermis on the outside of your body changes. Think about what your body would look like if all of the scabs, cuts, scrapes, bruises, things you’ve done to your skin never went away. So you’re changing, the outside of your body’s changing.

Think about other aspects of your body. For instance your body consists of approximately fifty-two trillion cells most of which live less than a year. They are renewed, they get old, they die, they get injured, they have to be reborn so to speak. They’re continually replaced by new cells. These cells in your body contain about enough iron to make one 3-inch nail. The iron comes and it goes, but it’s continually replaced so that you have about that much.

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