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  • But first of all, we need to take a look at the steps that are essential in order for you to produce a good quality video product.
  • Select a subject. It is best that you choose one with which you are already familiar.
  • Select a particular aspect of the subject that you want to discuss in your video. Remember, it must be both engaging and helpful to all your future customers.
  • Prepare an outline on how you will discuss this part of the subject.
  • Carry out any research you need in order to make sure that you have everything at hand.
  • Get yourself a digital camcorder in order to produce the video. You can then decide whether you want to add audio during real time (when actually filming) or during the editing process.
  • If your video involves online affairs, then you need to get yourself a screen capture program. You can download one from many sites, such as camtasia.com. This allows you to capture your computer screen movements in .avi format. Plus, it allows you to record the audio in real time, or you may prepare a different audio file by using Windows Sound Recorder and then synchronizing the two formats later on.
  • You will need to edit the product using a video editing software program (which we will look at in more detail later on in this book). There are certainly plenty of these software programs available for sale, but Windows XP comes with a movie maker program already.
  • Should you be choosing to offer this product as a download to your customers, you will then need to convert the file into a .wmv format in order to compress its size.
  • However, if you decide to physically deliver this video product to your customers, you will need to burn it on to a CD or DVD and then prepare to ship them.
  • Once all the above stages have been completed, your video product is now ready to be marketed.
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