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Your Self Talk

Of these thousands of attitude patterns that make up your “Self” what kind of person did they make you? What abilities do you have? What do you most like to do? What things offend you? What do you believe are general truths about other people? In your life you have developed what you consider to be truths about yourself and others.

Your capabilities, your weaknesses and strengths, your general health, your relationship with money and how much you should have, your spiritual beliefs and so on. These truths are a blend of thoughts and information and the feelings and attitudes about X, Y and Z.

Truly, these are actions and attitudes about everything you see, hear, feel, touch, taste, smell and experience in your world. This is your reality structure. And central to your reality structure is your self-image and what you believe yourself capable of accomplishing. The kicker here is that your internal reality is often incompatible, incomplete and inaccurate, with who you could be.

You do not know all there is to know about yourself and you never will. No matter how much time and energy you dedicate to learning about your mental and physical systems there’s always more to learn. And in many cases, some of the assumptions that you have made about yourself are distorted and are inaccurate.

Your Programming Over The Years

Quite often the patterns you’ve engrained and strengthened which have adjusted your self-image, have not recorded a fully accurate pattern of the real you and all that you are or are capable of being. You’ve programmed your mind over many years through actions and attitudes, and this has directly affected you. A major part of you that has does this programming, is your self-talk and the mental images in your mind.

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