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Who manufactured your computer? Which search engine do you use? Each answer you give is the result of promotion that’s been engrained in your brain. Advertising is pervasive throughout our homes, offices and gathering places.

You can’t leave your house without seeing billboards, murals, branding on buses, and even placards on people’s front lawns. It’s in restaurants, stores, libraries and schools. Ad Pollution is everywhere, and as an online marketer, your job is two-fold. One, make your promotions seem like what they are: pieces of useful, relevant information about products and services you passionately believe in. Two, fight ad pollution wherever you can. This not only serves to make your sites, blogs and lenses more appealing to your visitors, it also serves to make your product or service recommendations stand out. You can create a more compelling call to action if you’re putting forward only one idea at a time. That means, can the ad pollution.

As a reader scrolls through the typical website, he’s inundated with flashing banner ads, Adsense text, contextual ads within the content, and affiliate links within the article he’s reading. Most often, this kind of jumbled messaging creates ad pollution that the reader is only wading through, tuning it out instead of carefully considering it.

It happens like this more often than people like to admit – but it doesn’t have to be this way. The most common causes of ad revenue disappoints include insufficient market research, failure to track daily expenses or simply a lack of basic business knowledge.

If you’re shuddering because you’re afraid this looks a lot like you, well, that’s why we’re talking right now – to help you avoid these heartbreaking advertising mistakes, and experience genuine, solid online business success!

Prospects for Your Internet Advertising Income

You may be wondering, “Will I get rich through advertising?” Uh, NO. Can we keep it real here? You don’t mind, do you? Let’s get something out the way: Unless you’re a marketing genius with incredible intuition, the reality is that while your own reasons for creating a website are valuable inasmuch as they’ll keep you going when the going gets tough, the world online is truly a great equalizer. The biggest reason to be in business is to bring value to the marketplace. You can only do this by being of service to the people you’d like to call your customers. If you provide enough value, you can set yourself free financially. It’s very democratic. The power in having a website is that if you keep the focus on the parameters that count, you have a 100% equal opportunity to achieve online business success.

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