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The Differences Between Traditional Marketing and Guerrilla Marketing

Since Spas don’t generally have millions to spend on traditional marketing methods, they can refer to Guerrilla marketing tactics to get results. There are 19 factors that differentiate Guerrilla marketing from traditional marketing:

  1. The investment is in time, energy, imagination and knowledge, instead of in money.
  2. The science of psychology and the laws of human nature are used, instead of guesswork.
  3. Results are measured by profits, instead of by traffic, responses or gross sales.
  4. It is geared to small businesses, instead of companies with limitless bank accounts.
  5. There is a fervent devotion to customer follow-up, instead of ignoring customers once they have purchased.
  6. The mystique of the entire marketing process is removed and clarified, instead of intimidating small business owners.
  7. Cooperation (helping others and letting them help you) is a cornerstone, instead of competing with other businesses.
  8. There is dedication to building relationships, instead of focusing solely on making sales.
  9. Marketing combinations are more effective than using only single marketing weapons, such as advertising.
  10. Growth is done geometrically by increasing each transaction, getting repeat sales and adding new customers, instead of growing linearly by only adding new customers one at a time.
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