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Your stress can go down, because stress increases from forces which are out of your control. So it’s time for you to get some control. As you put these practices into your life you will find you have more control, you have more free time and it’s easier. This really is a piece of cake.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Do you love life? Then do not squander time for that is what life is made of.” Truly, do not squander your time. You can get a handle on it beginning now.

Why do some people consistently achieve what they want? Simply put—because they know the secret to controlling the 3 key aspects of themselves, giving them control over their personal and professional success. In the “Winning All The Time” audio program you’ll learn proven strategies to rapidly manage all three of these deeper aspects of your self. Check out the free video on this, at http://www.WinningAllTheTime.com

Getting Organized

To begin, I’m going to give you four keys to getting organized. Any of these would be a great starting place. Remember back to what Alexander Pope said, “Order is heaven’s first law.” Seeing order helps you feel in control of your life and it relaxes you.

I want you to think about your work space, notice your home, your car, your purse, your briefcase or your bedroom area. Now think about how organized these are. How neat and orderly are they? Can you instantly find things in each of those environments?

At any of those places do you ever have to search through a pile to find something? Does that ever happen to you? Or do you ever tell yourself, “I’m not sure exactly which pile it’s in, but I know it’s in one of these over here.” Do you have things filed accurately? Do you have them that organized? For most people the answer is no.

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