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As a pregnant woman, you’ll never have the opportunity to nurture your children again the way you do right now, while they’re safely inside you, tucked away from the outside world. This could likely be the last time you’ll be able to get your child to eat his or her vegetables without a fight!

Proper pregnancy nutrition is a vital factor in fetal development, since the fetus is physically incapable of providing for itself, nor can it show any visible signs of malnourishment between monthly check-ups like a newborn can. That means that for the next nine months, it’s going to be completely up to you to ensure that you are properly eating for two, taking in the foods that are rich in the nutrients that will help your baby be healthy.

Eating the right foods is also important for you because your baby is going to take what it needs long before those nutrients ever have the opportunity to go through your system. By not eating properly, you would not only harm your baby, but you would also be harming yourself.

This book was written from the perspective of “Dr. Mom,” rather than “Dr. Smith.” Throughout the coming sections, you’ll find a thorough breakdown of the nutrients you need to ensure you deliver a healthy baby. Then, if you want to further your learning, you can go on to read Pregnancy Nutrition Part 2, where I’ll provide basic guidelines for the trimester-by-trimester dietary changes you’re going to have to make.

Happy Reading and Eating!

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