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What is the Ultimate Enrollment System™?

The Ultimate Enrollment System™ (UES™) is a written questionnaire and assessment that people who are interested in your services, complete before you agree to work with them. It enables you to sign up new clients more easily and weed out the time wasters from the sincere prospects. It’s important you use the UES™ assessment with ALL your potential clients BEFORE you accept them as a client and BEFORE you offer to enroll them. A sample designed for coaches is located at the back of the book.

Conditional Consult

A conditional consult is an integral part of the UES™ process and differs from a free consultation in that you ask the prospect to make a yes or no decision to hire you at the end of the call. E.g.: “NAME, I will gift you a 30 minute free consultation. After 30 minutes I will stop wherever I am in the coaching and ask you, would you like to continue? If yes, then we continue on my hourly basis. If not, we part as friends. No hard feelings. Do you agree to this condition?”

To schedule the consult say: ?The best way to get to know my services and if we are a good match for each other is to do a free consultation. I have 1 hour per day for free consultations and I double book those times so that I’m not wasting my time with no shows. Would you like to do a free consultation? Here’s what I have, can you pull out your calendar? I do all my free consultations on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 10-11am Eastern. On Monday morning, I have a slot open which is a back-up slot. This means I already have someone at that time, so you will call 5 minutes past the time they are scheduled. If they don’t show, you get your session right then and if they do show, you will be re-scheduled. If you prefer, I have one primary caller spot open on Tuesday morning, which do you prefer?

Be prepared for 30-40 minutes. After 30 minutes, I will ask if you would you like to become a client. If you say yes, we can continue for 10 minutes or we can schedule for a new time. If you choose to become my client, then you pay for the time we’ve talked. I charge x amount per hour. Do you understand? Is it fair for me to assume that you will be able to make a decision to continue or to part as friends with no hard feelings? Believe me, there will be no hard feelings, it’s fact finding for both of us.”

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