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We all have met someone and instantly responded with, “I really like that person,” or “There is something about him/her that bugs me.” These impressions are solely based on what is not being said!

Body language communicates volumes about a person. It is a subconscious, nonverbal form of communication comprised of many elements, such as posture, eye contact, clothing, etc. Bodily signals, in fact, are the most reliable, nonverbal signs of honesty or deception. For example, unconscious movements, such as hand-to-face gestures and shrugs, are strong signs of deception as are playing with and touching nearby items during conversations.

Learning to use and read body language will help you more easily understand what someone really means both verbally and nonverbally. With this in mind, let’s discover how to communicate with and read body language.

Posture and Walk

  • A strong posture immediately conveys confidence and command of the situation.
  • Walking into a room with a brisk, upright stride, keeping your shoulders back and holding up your head communicates confidence, purpose and enthusiasm.
  • Positioning yourself near someone communicates a warm, positive opinion of that person.
  • Moving too close to someone and violating personal space makes them uncomfortable and nervous.
  • When meeting someone, step up to the person with your right foot angled in front of you to respect personal space for a comfortable meeting.
  • Do not hunch your shoulders since this makes you seem dejected.
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