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You Are The Owner, But Are You The “Right” CEO For Your Business?

This book is intended only as a simple coaching session for small business owners and new entrepreneurs to evaluate themselves as candidates for the CEO position. I don’t pretend to teach you leadership here; only to have you do a self-exam of your qualifications for the job.

While these pages may be perceived as written for the ―CEO-to-be‖, they are intended also—and mainly—for business owners who are positioned in the CEO chair. Whether you are in that position or plan to be, you need to understand—really understand—all its implications and demands as well as your desires and qualifications. The two main questions you need to answer are: a) are you qualified, and b) do you want to be the CEO. Hopefully, this discussion will help you answer both.

What Does It Mean To Be The CEO?

Have you appointed yourself CEO of your company? Did you do it purposely because you believe you are the best person to lead the company? Or are you occupying the CEO role because you started the company and you are ―it by default? Or did you claim the position because you are the owner, without evaluating your capabilities for the job?

Have you thought about what is needed for the job? What qualifications are required? What are the traits that you must have? Have you considered, really considered, what the job calls for? Have you done a job description of the position to see if you qualify? Are you the person to lead the company to the next level and beyond?

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