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Using Social Media To Locate How To EBooks Ideas

Before you start writing an eBook, you should make sure your topic is one that others would find worth reading about. How do you do that? Turning to modern social networking is one vehicle that many modern eBook writers are using.

Social networking sites aren’t just a way for people to keep in contact anymore; they are also great sources of information. From posts on FaceBook to tweets on Twitter, people volunteer a wealth of information about themselves to anyone who cares to look. This information can vary from what someone had for breakfast to where someone has booked a flight to for a vacation they’re planning four months from now. When you understand how to view these ideas and see what the latest trends are all about, or what questions your current customers have, then you will be able to use these ideas for coming up with worthwhile topics for your eBook.

If you have accounts for your business on FaceBook and Twitter, you can begin your research for topic ideas by searching through the past comments that your followers have made. From these, you may find ideas for how to eBooks that your existing customers will be anxious to purchase, or new ideas may come to you while you’re reading. You can also ask your followers for feedback on the topics that you think would be of interest.

Next you can view current topics and see what people are talking about on other social media sites. For instance, Pinterest will allow you to find information about topics that are close to what your business does. You can also see what your competitors are doing on their social media accounts, and what eBooks publishing on Amazon.com. Then you can write an eBook that fills in the gaps that remain in their discussions.

The possibilities for putting social media to work for your brainstorming activities are nearly as broad as the social media options themselves are. Think creatively — you never know where the next perfect idea will come to you from, so always keep your eyes open while you’re on these social networking sites, and keep a list of potential eBook ideas nearby to add to whenever a new topic occurs to you.

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