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How to Succeed in Business

On this month’s SkillBites Show, our guest was Jason Sherman. Jason is a serial entrepreneur, award winning filmmaker, journalist and tech startup expert. He has been featured by more than 10 media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, more »

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The Power of Audio Books

Did you know that audio books outsell eBooks by 3 to 1? According to Tina Dietz, world class audiobook publisher, sales of audio books have experienced a meteoric rise in the past several years, with over 20% growth year over more »

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A New Content Marketing Approach

Have you ever received an email or direct mail piece, or watched an ad and found it distasteful? Lisa Manyon, the guest on this month’s SkillBites Show, explained that she has felt that way about many commercials and marketing pieces more »

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Handbook On How To Commute By Bike And Ditch The Car

Commuting by bike to work can have its ups and downs. On the upside are: health & fitness, saving money, and not polluting the environment. While on the downside are: potential encounters with cars, dealing with the weather, and fixing more »

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The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide: How To Get Your Project On The Right Road For Success

You are smart and talented – attributes your boss notices when assigning you to lead the company’s next big project. It’s an exciting opportunity, but it also comes with high risk and visibility. You need to make sure everything goes more »

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Running a Successful Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC) have the potential for a return of double or triple your investment, if they are done right; but to do the campaign right takes a lot of trial and error, and time. Len Morley, CEO more »

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Grow Your Business With Speaking

Speaking is a great way to get in front of your target market, exhibit your expertise and gain new clients; but how do you get speaking engagements, and how do you leverage them? These questions and more were answered by more »

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Should You Use A Literary Agent?

If you’ve written a book, or are in the process of writing one, you may have thought about whether to find a literary agent to help you get your book published. On the December SkillBites Show, we spoke to Gabrielle more »

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Wise Business Development Strategies

“Nobody likes to be sold, but everybody likes to buy.” That’s how Tom Gill, Senior Sales Strategist, Coach and Trainer with Business Development University, started his presentation on the SkillBites Show this month. Tom shared a number of tips and more »

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