Brainstorming Ideas For Lifestyle Ebooks From The Business World

One of the problems that our ebook writers commonly experience is a lack of ideas for writing their next ebook. Once you have become one of the ebook publishers here at SkillBites, you may write as many ebooks as you like on the lifestyle or business ebooks categories that you choose. Somewhere between finishing their first ebook and starting on additional projects, authors often find themselves at a loss. Here are some brainstorming ideas for turning your profession into lifestyle ebooks.

1) Notebook and Pen – These two simple objects are commonly overlooked by busy professionals. You never know where you are going to be when a new idea strikes you. By carrying a pocket notebook and pen with you at all times, you will be able to quickly jot down any ideas as they occur throughout the day.

2) New Perspective – Looking at something that you deal with every day from a new perspective can give you an idea for good lifestyle ebooks topics. To become one of the ebook publishers that bridge the business to lifestyle gap, you need to constantly be alert for possible topics. For the next week, every time you find yourself interacting with an object at work, ask yourself how your knowledge of this object could be used by the everyday person in a lifestyle situation.

3) Old Fashioned Brainstorming – Get yourself several sheets of blank printer paper and a pen. Set a timer for 20 minutes and start writing about what it is that you do for a living. For the duration of the 20 minutes, just keep writing. It doesn’t matter what you write or where you write it down at. Draw a quick picture, scrawl lines between common ideas. Don’t worry about grammar or full sentences, just keep writing. When the timer goes off, review your scribblings. For each idea listed, ask yourself how this could be used to teach someone a new skill in lifestyle ebooks.

4) Talk It Out – Invite over a couple of friends who don’t work in your company. Explain to them that you are trying to come up with ideas for business or lifestyle ebooks and you need their help. Have your friends ask you about your line of work and what you do. Listen to their questions carefully, along with the answers that you provide them. Hidden in their questions and your answers will be dozens of potential ideas that you can use to further your career as one of our ebook publishers.

5) Lunch Break Ideas – Spend lunch at your desk this week. Examine the objects on your desk, or on your computer, while you eat. Concentrate on individual items and ask yourself why you need that item to do your job. Hidden in your desk objects could be an explanation of how to use an everyday business item in a lifestyle manner, leading to the concept of your next line of business or lifestyle ebooks.

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