How to become a SkillBites author

Have you always dreamed of being an author? Do you have expertise in a specific area that could help others? Consider becoming a SkillBites author. Our eBooks are short, practical skill-based resources. If you’ve written a book, or number of blogs, or have given a lot of presentations, it won’t be difficult for you to put together an eBook of the essential tips for your area of expertise.

The process is fairly simple. You begin by clicking on the Submit Your Content button. That will give you a brief summary of the process for becoming a SkillBites author, and the application form to fill out. You will also need to accept the Author Terms of Service. We will check your credentials to ensure you have the expertise to write on the subject you have identified, and will verify that it isn’t a subject for which we already have an eBook. Once you clear those hurdles, we will send you the Author Guidelines, eBook template and Formatting Guide, and off you go!

By publishing a book, an author gains instant credibility and a powerful marketing tool. You can add this credential to your resume, and you can give out copies of your eBook to prospective clients. On top of that, you have the opportunity to make money from the sale of your book. SkillBites offers a generous revenue sharing program for its authors. And we will handle the process of selling your eBook on Amazon and the Kindle, as well as through other major retailers and affiliates, so you have access to a very broad market. It’s almost like free money – you did the work to write the book, and if it’s popular, you could be getting a stream of income for years to come! We also provide various resources to help our authors write their books, such as an eBook template and formatting guide.

We are always looking for fresh content, to expand our offerings. If this sounds appealing to you, just click on Submit Your Content to get started. If you have any questions, you can email us at

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