How to Prepare for Meditation

I’ve prepared a quick “Who, what, where, when, and why” for the beginning meditator, in preparing to do their meditation:

When is the best time to meditate? Right after you awake, near sunrise, is considered optimal. Your mind is clear of distractions and refreshed after a good night’s rest. However, if there isn’t time in the morning, another auspicious time is just before bed. You can ease yourself into a natural state of relaxation and comfort, free from distractions, and drift off to a deep restful sleep. Meditation just before bedtime often results in a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

How long should you meditate for? More important than how long is again the consistency of meditation. You can do it for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour. However, doing it for 10 minutes every day is better than doing it for one hour once a week.

The best place to mediate is a location free of distractions. It can be sitting by yourself on a park bench, or on a pier with waves and seagulls adding soft background music.

The most effective meditation exercises incorporate an intention for the exercise. Intentions can vary widely from wanting to feel better to asking “what is my purpose” or “who am I” to holding the intention for world peace. Remember to start every meditation with an intention.

Emotional Preparation: Meditating with an open heart is a great foundation for meditation. The best exercise for creating an open-heart:
1. Close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath.
2. See the face of someone, a person or a pet, that you deeply love (it can also be a religious figure).
3. As you gaze into their eyes, feel the tender feelings you have for them growing in your heart area. Feel the warmth and love enveloping and expanding in your heart area. Savor these feelings. Your feelings of heartfelt loving-kindness create a receptive state for meditation. You are now ready to start your meditation exercise.

For more information on preparing for meditation (and meditation styles and poses, among much else) visit:

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