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    Pinterest is the fastest website in history to hit more than 10 million unique monthly visitors – faster than Facebook, faster than Twitter and faster than Google+. It went from 4.8 million unique users in November 2011 to 11 million in January 2012, a mere three months. In fact, it’s the third most popular social media site – right after Facebook and Twitter.

    While many business people consider Pinterest to be a small site, it’s not at all. In fact, its user base is already huge and it’s growing at an astoundingly fast rate. Business owners simply can’t afford to ignore Pinterest anymore – not unless they’re trying to avoid traffic to their website!

    Over 60% of Pinterest users are women. Pinterest is a powerful tool for interacting with female buyers and decision makers online. Shoppers referred to websites by Pinterest are 20% more likely to buy than other social sites, according to sheerid.com, and they purchase about $100 more of merchandise. Cha-ching! I can hear the cash register humming already. Can’t you?

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    So What is Pinterest?

    Pinterest is an online photo sharing tool that works a lot like a virtual corkboard. Just “pin” (bookmark) pictures of what you want to organize on this virtual corkboard and share it with other people.

    It can be used to collect ideas, recipes, articles, event information, travel information…the possibilities are endless! Just like anything, it’s always best to have a plan in place before you start.

    Pinterest Planning

    First thing you need to know is - What are your goals with your Pinterest boards? Are they to generate sales or traffic, just for fun, or do you maybe want to show a more personal side?

    We can use an example of a non-profit helping animals (such as the ASPCA) and will run a common thread through this exercise. So, the goal of our non-profit is to generate donations and obtain new volunteers.

    Next you want to describe the “personality” you want your boards to portray. You can write down some adjectives to help you remember this and refer back to them. So examples of adjectives would be friendly, positive, cute, compelling, for our animal nonprofit. Use thesaurus.com if you want some help coming up with great adjectives for the feel of your Pinterest account.

    Another really important part of your board is: how do you want people to feel when they look at your profile? How do they feel when they see your boards? How do they feel about you? Our hypothetical non-profit might want them to feel empathy and that would help them feel moved to donate to the cause.

    Now that you have more of an action plan, let’s get pinning.

  • About the Author

    Jessica started out in the internet marketing world in 1999, when most businesses were still in the “I don’t need a website, the internet is just a phase” mindset. As an internet advertising executive, Jessica consulted her clients on how to create their websites in order for their banner ads to have somewhere to link. After ruffling feathers at corporations like Subaru, Leisure Fitness and Bank of America, she went out on her own in 2005 to design print and web marketing materials for a large variety of small businesses. She started helping her clients combine their websites with social media in 2008, whether they liked it or not. In 2011, she created Badass Biz, an already well known digital marketing company that helps technically timid entrepreneurs learn and conquer their online tools in new and fun ways.

    Connect with Jessica online:

    Feel free to learn more about how to make your business more “badass” at www.jesskupferman.com, visit her on Twitter @jesskupferman, or find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jessicakupferman.

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