One Million Woman Link Up Sparks Marketing Partnership Between, Women’s Business Academy, Savvy Digital Business, Next Level Consulting & SkillBites

Partnership Between & Several Of Its Participants Epitomize What the One Million Woman Link Up Movement Is All About


Action speaks louder than words. To show the power of forming collaborative business relationships with business women involved in the One Million Woman Link Up Jerrilynn B. Thomas founder of is joining forces with Jane Willmott CEO of Women’s Business Academy, Lisa Shaughnessy owner of Savvy Digital Business, Lisa Rodriguez owner of Next Level Consulting and Judy Weintraub CEO of SkillBites.

The One Million Woman Link Up is a movement organized by to help women market smarter instead of harder to grow their female client base by monetizing their LinkedIn membership. The collaboration between, Women’s Business Academy, Savvy Digital Business, Next Level Consulting and SkillBites will provide the companies with a source of daily marketing through the cross pollination of their LinkedIn connections, mailing lists, Pinterest boards, Twitter feeds and Facebook updates so they can expand their marketing reach.

Collaboration reduces workload, cuts costs, offers new skillsets, speeds up project completion, and so much more. With 277,000,000 million business and professional people as members, LinkedIn is “the” best source for B2B networking for serious business women. 46% of their members are business and professional women. That’s 127,420,000 women!

Jerrilynn B. Thomas, Jane Willmott, Lisa Shaughnessy, Lisa Rodriguez and Judy Weintraub want to show women that if they simply join forces to strategically mine and monetize their LinkedIn membership they can work on their business instead of in it. They are developing a joint tip guide, “50 Cross Marketing Ideas To Catapult Your Business”. Fill out the form on reserve a complimentary copy.

About is a business site that facilitates collaborative business relationships between business women who want to share the cost and time of marketing to grow their female client base. It creates large scale collaborative projects designed to help business and professional women cross pollinate their knowledge and contacts so they can grow their female client base in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney and every other major city around the globe using the local resources already in place. Its latest project, the 2014 One Million Woman Link Up, will assemble 1,000,000 women under “one roof” to tap into LinkedIn’s network of 127,420,000 female members. Women who would like to grow their presence using LinkedIn are invited to get involved as well as become a sponsor. ( Jerrilynn B. Thomas, founder | |

About Women’s Business Academy

janeThe Women’s Business Academy is a site for women who want build a successful and sustainable business. Everything from time management, social media, marketing, joint ventures, identifying the ideal client, and more is covered. Jane believes in excellence. One of her clients landed an 8K a month contract after working with her for only 2 months! She doesn’t promise to make you a millionaire only to help you get on the path to success by utilizing services of the Women’s Business Academy. Double your mailing list in just 90 days find out how sign up for this not to be missed FREE webinar! Jane Willmott CEO | |

Savvy Digital Business

lisaIn August 2013 Lisa co-founded Savvy Digital Business, a company devoted to helping small businesses create social media marketing and communications strategies that save them time and reduce stress. Lisa’s experience with her Savvy Digital Business partner Lisa Karl, sparked an interest in how women work together and the challenges and rewards of being in a business partnership. This led her to begin writing her third book tentatively titled, “The No-B.S. Guide for Women Who Want to Build a Successful Business Partnership”. Expecting a release date in early 2015, the book will include personal stories as well as be a comprehensive resource on what to consider before partnering, how to communicate, common mistakes to avoid and lessons learned. Women who would like to be interviewed can fill out the survey on Lisa Shaughnessy | |

Next Level Consulting

lisarNext Level Virtual Assistance is a small business consulting and virtual assistance firm that specializes in helping coaches, consultants, speakers and other online entreprenuers create productive businesses, while maximizing their internet presence and revenues. Collectively their background spans over 24 years as both office and virtual professionals providing administrative and business support. Its team members are willing to show initiative and play more of a “partner” role vs. simply taking care of specific tasks. They specialize in social media marketing campaigns, they are certified e-commerce specialists and also offer WordPress membership website development. Reach out today for a free consultation. Lisa Rodriguez | |


judy100SkillBites offers both a publishing platform and a resource center. Their Publishing Platform is one of the easiest to use in the industry. They specialize in short “how to” books written by busy professionals whose goal is to attract new customers with a taste of their expertise. They provide support throughout the process, including guidance on how to write your book, a template to use, editing services and marketing assistance. They have a number of author packages to fit any need and budget, and generous royalties for their authors, ranging from 65% to 85%. The platform is a great tool for first time authors and seasoned veterans alike. Judy Weintraub is an awardee of the Make Mine a Million $ Business Program. SkillBites is rolling out a new service called a Strategic Assessment to help authors refine and polish their concept. For more information, visit Judy Weintraub | |


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