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Patricia Haddock helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, speakers, coaches and consultants grow their contact lists, showcase their expertise and increase their income with information products. She has authored hundreds of information products, more than 600 articles for print and web, and 11 books, including:

  • The Time Management Workshop – AMACOM
  • Leadership Skills for Women — Crisp Learning
  • Office Management: A Productivity and Effectiveness Guide –Crisp Learning
  • Developing as a Professional – Crisp Learning

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Review a slideshow of client information products at www.writingandeditingservices.vpweb.com

Discover other titles by Patricia Haddock at SkillBites.net:

Winning with Email

Everyone gets too much email — and much of it goes unread! Most email suffers from poor ―so-what‖ subject lines that are easily ignored. Add poor email etiquette, and you have a recipe for bad communication.

This ebook helps you write business emails that recipients promptly read and respond to. You will discover how to:

  • Organize an email from the top down.
  • Write useful, compelling subject lines.
  • Understand and apply email etiquette.
  • Use the right tone.


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