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    Everyone gets too much email -- and much of it goes unread! Most email suffers from poor ―so-what‖ subject lines that are easily ignored. Add poor email etiquette, and you have a recipe for bad communication.

    This ebook helps you write business emails that recipients promptly read and respond to. You will discover how to:

    • Organize an email from the top down.
    • Write useful, compelling subject lines.
    • Understand and apply email etiquette.
    • Use the right tone.

    Medium or Message?

    Email is a medium of communication, like a phone or envelope. It is NOT the message itself. What does this mean?

    You can perform only two actions with email: You can have a conversation. You can send correspondence.

    That’s it.

    The key is deciding which of the two actions you are performing because the rules for each are different.

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    Email Conversations

    An email conversation is like a phone call. You are ―talking‖ to other people using email. It is similar to texting or instant messaging. This type of email is more casual than email correspondence. It is usually limited to intra-office communication, never customer communications.

    Depending on the requirements of your business or organization, you may use texting abbreviations. However, everyone in the conversation must understand what the abbreviations mean; otherwise, your reader will be confused. Keep in mind, some people still think LOL means little old lady! This is especially important for international companies with a large population of employees for whom English is a second language. Always aim for clarity and understanding!

    Email Conversations Are Legal Documents

    While email conversations are less formal than email correspondence, they belong to your company and are legal documents. They must be clear, correct and courteous. It is always good to proofread and spell check all emails since they represent you and your position within the company. Even if you use abbreviations, taking the time to ensure accuracy is a mark of professionalism.

    Email Correspondence

    Email correspondence is anything that would have gone on a piece of paper and anything that goes outside your organization to customers, potential customers, vendors, and so on. In this case, email is an electronic envelope. That’s it. The message moves the email into the realm of business correspondence, and the rules governing business correspondence apply. The fact that you are using an email is irrelevant.

  • About the Author

    Patricia Haddock is a communication and training consultant who helps her clients attract, retain and develop employees; increase productivity and effectiveness; and improve interpersonal communication skills.

    Patricia works with her clients to identify their desired outcomes and designs workshops that teach their employees business writing skills that can be used immediately on the job.

    Patricia has authored hundreds of organizational communications and information products, more than 600 articles for print and web, and 11 books, including:

    • The Time Management Workshop – AMACOM
    • Leadership Skills for Women -- Crisp Learning
    • Office Management: A Productivity and Effectiveness Guide -- Crisp Learning
    • Developing as a Professional – Crisp Learning

    Connect with Patricia Haddock online:
    LinkedIn--Patricia Haddock#PatHaddock

    Review her business writing workshops at:

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Winning with Email

Do your emails convey the right message in the right way to get the results you need?

Would you like a tool that helps make your emails a high priority for readers?

Is your inbox jammed with emails you have taken care of, but don’t know what to do with?

If you have a love-hate relationship with email and want to write and manage it more quickly and painlessly, you need “Winning with Email.” In this information-packed eBook, you will:

  • Learn the difference between email “conversations” and email “correspondence” and the rules for each.
  • Discover secrets journalists use to create readable copy.
  • Learn the right way to structure an email.
  • Master the art of writing effective subject lines.
  • Use email etiquette to demonstrate professionalism.
  • Create a polite, courteous, sincere tone that resonates with readers.

For more than 10 years, Patricia Haddock has taught the tips, techniques and best practices in this SkillBites eBook to thousands of employees at companies, universities and cities. When you put email to work for you, you become more productive and get the results you want. Start today Winning with Email.

“As an organizational consultant and workshop leader, I have found Patricia’s tools and tips for writing and managing email to be best practices. This eBook will help you create emails that work, manage your inbox for greater productivity and improve your efficiency.”
– Karen Sladick
Organize4Results, Birmingham, AL

“I work with many clients managing their virtual correspondence. Using the tools in this eBook ensures quick responses from readers and makes it easy to file and retrieve emails from the many busy clients I serve.”
– Dortha Hise
Product Fulfillment and Social Media Marketing, Folsom, CA

“My inbox is flooded every day with email from clients, meeting planners who hire me to speak, and dozens of people involved in my publishing and summit businesses. The strategies Patricia shares in this book make it easy to write emails that are responded to quickly, control incoming emails, and save what I need to save so I can find it again. I recommend this eBook to anyone in business who wants to not only stay on top of email, but make it work for them and not feel overwhelmed.”
– Caterina Rando
MA, MCC, San Francisco, CA

“I am an attorney and small business person, so managing email is a challenge in the fast-paced environment in which I work. Patricia’s strategies for staying on top of email and managing those needed for retention save time and improve productivity. I thoroughly recommend this ebook if you want to become more effective and efficient.”
– Nancy Lewellen
Esq., Palladian Law Group, San Francisco, CA.

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