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When you have only a few minutes, and need to pick up a new skill in a hurry, there is only one place to turn. will provide you with the knowledge that you are seeking in a wide variety of topics. If you need to learn something and don’t have the time or interest to sit through a lengthy training course or read a thick, expensive book, then SkillBites is the place for you.

SkillBites doesn’t allow just anyone to start selling eBooks on their site. Every book on the site is written by proven professionals. Unlike other places online, SkillBites requires every potential author to undergo a strict selection process, during which the would-be author’s credentials are carefully scrutinized, to determine whether the would-be author is qualified to teach you how to develop skills in the topic that they wish to write about. Because of this process, can proudly say that they are one of the rare sites on the internet selling eBooks of only proven, trusted professionals.

The topics for how to develop skills cover a wide variety of possibilities. There are two main categories on this site selling eBooks, lifestyle skills and business skills. Under lifestyle skills, you will find information on topics ranging from how to train your dog to how to talk to your mechanic to avoid getting ripped off. You will learn how to deal with problems in relationships, how to be a better parent, and even learn how to develop skills in cooking and gardening. On the business side of things, you will be treated to a vast amount of information on building leadership skills, becoming a better manager, improving sales skills and even tips on how to become a better public speaker.

With each of these books designed to be read in only about ten minutes, you can rest assured that other sites selling how to eBooks just won’t compare to what has to offer. Each book is presented in a fluff-free context, keeping unneeded examples and preachy discussions to a minimum. You are presented the information that you need to know in a simple and straightforward approach, always designed to make the most of your time, while providing you with help that you can afford. Grab yourself a free SkillBites book trial today, and see what you could be learning during your coffee break at work tomorrow.

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