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    Social Market Domination - Mastering Your Market With Online Social Networking

    Increasingly in recent decades, we've been living in a world somewhat bent on disconnection. During the Space Age, some people believed that by the 21st century we'd all have 20 hour work weeks. Technology would be so advanced that we wouldn’t have to work so hard. I don’t know about you, but for me technology in the Information Age has created a greater dependency on machines and less chance for personal interaction. I'm not sure I have 20 hours a week of personal down time.

    Where once drivers used time on the freeway to listen to the news, sing songs, tell stories and play games like ‘I Spy’, now busy parents are on their cell phones finalizing plans, business details and family functions. Kids are in the back seat watching a movie, listening to music on headphones or sending a text message. As an online marketer, you face the challenge of building trust and loyalty without the benefit of a physical handshake with your prospect, a face-to-face meeting, or even a smile. With the advent of social networking, though, technology has been able to fulfill the potent need we all have to connect with others. Our global society is using the computer now more than ever to connect. It is precisely this connection deprived world that allows social networks to act as powerful tools for personal interaction.

    It seems that every other article or guru tip you read extols the benefits of one technique or another as the absolute best way to enhance your internet marketing business. In reality, there are plenty of tricks and techniques to boost your business online - writing articles, search engine optimization, blogging, getting "link love" from the top sites on the Internet, and even traditional advertising such as display ads and press releases - the list goes on and on.

    Social networks, social media, bookmarking sites and online forums are all excellent ways to build meaningful relationships with like-minded people and attract hundreds, or even thousands of new customers to your business. By the end of this program, you're going to know step by step how to find people and connect with them through social networks, then present them with your business offering in an appropriate, comfortable way.

    With Social Marketing you have the chance to locate and connect with real people at a meaningful level, help them address their needs, and generate traffic to your website. Now if you consider yourself a wallflower in the dance of online business promotion, don't worry. I'm going to help you step out right now.

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    Building Your Online Money Machine

    There's a virtual sea of information about how to build a successful online marketing business. What's my opinion? Well, having reached that coveted top spot of No. 1 in the Google search results, I can tell you: online business promotion is a machine, and all the parts need to work together.

    Online marketing requires, first of all, that you have something to market - a product or service that provides real people with real value. You also need a way of reaching those people and getting them to stride in step with you. With few exceptions, that means you need a website to go along with your product offering. And then your website needs to be found. Google and the search engines use algorithms, mathematical formulas to calculate the quality score of your site and point people to it. This mathematical analysis is a complex array of factors about your web page.

    Ultimately, what the search engines are looking for is the quality of the experience that you provide the visitors to your site. The search engines gauge this quality factor by the type of content you provide, its relevance to what people are looking for, and the number of inbound links from top sites on the Internet. In other words, online marketing is a popularity contest. The way to become popular is to provide value, build relationships, and recommend solutions to your site visitors.

    So using only one method to get noticed online is not going to get you where you want to go. Since the search engines - especially Google - look at an array of factors, it takes an array of efforts on your part to win this popularity contest. None of these methods are not hard, but they can be time consuming and they require long term vision and even a marathon mindset.

    Having said all that, I'll tell you there is one technique that encompasses most of the elements of a successful online marketing machine, and it's free. That method is Social Marketing. Whether it's creating a web presence, attracting new people into your business, or generating "link love" to your site, Social Marketing delivers. With the powerful technology provided for free by Facebook and other social engines, your ability to set yourself apart is limited only by your imagination. If you are looking for ways to enhance your web presence significantly in a meaningful way, develop strong bonds, attract tons of customers, and dominate your niche without spending a fortune - then social marketing can be the quickest path to your online business success.

  • About the Author

    Liv Montgomery, the eCommerce Gal, specializes in online business promotion for today's busy entrepreneur, producing quantum results through customer relationships. Liv helps Small Business owners quickly get Page One results on Google and the top search engines, creating and enhancing their web presence with efficient core tactics, value for customers, and servant leadership. She's an authority on web development, SEO, networking and relationship marketing to bring massive value to the marketplace.

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Social Marketing

In the Space Age, people believed that by the 21st century we’d all have 20 hour work weeks. Isn’t that ironic? For most people technology means less personal time and more work. Social networks, social media, bookmarking sites and online forums are are filling the need we all have to connect with people. Facebook has more than half a billion active users. Everybody’s online! Social marketing means you can attract hundreds, or even thousands of new customers to your business using the tips and techniques you’ll learn from Liv Montgomery, the eCommerce Gal. By the end of this program, you’re going to know step by step how to find people and connect with them through social networks, then present them with your business offering in a fun, appropriate and comfortable way. Put the power of online technology to work for your business and start living your dream!

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