Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Business by Becoming an Ebook Author

Becoming an author is a great way to advance one’s professional career. eBook publishing
authors experience a heightened ability to influence other people, broaden their
platform, connect with prospects, access opportunities and increase their income.

1. Growing influence

Publishing a book increases the author’s credibility, giving the author instant
status as a leading authority, which leads to increased trust in the author’s
expertise and heightened influence.

2. Broadened platform

Authors can use their published books to broaden their platform by creating
workshops, training courses, videos, workbooks and consulting services around
the solution provided in their book.

3. Connection with more prospects

A published eBook provides authors with the ability to attract more prospects
with a taste of their expertise and to convert those prospects into hot leads.
Particularly when the eBook is available on major online retail sites such
as Amazon, and if it is optimized for searches, the eBook can be found by
thousands of people who might otherwise have never heard of the author.

4. Access to opportunities.

Having a published eBook gives the author a credential that gives him an edge
in bidding opportunities, obtaining paid speaking engagements and media
interviews, which further increases the author’s visibility and opens even more

5. Increased income

Authors can receive revenue from their eBook sales as well as from derivative
products created from their eBook. With their elevated status as published
authors, they can also charge higher consulting and speaking fees,

Each of these by itself can lead to increased business from sales to new customers as
well as repeat business from existing and former customers. Imagine the potential from
the combination of all of them! To learn more about how SkillBites can help you attain
these benefits, contact us at or call toll free 855-SKILLBITES.

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