Turn Your Knowledge into a Best-Selling Book

With the human population set to hit 7 billion soon, there are a lot of people who have tons of experience, expertise and wisdom in many different areas of existence. There is even a larger number who want to learn and read about those insights to solve problems, improve their profession or they are just curious.

Creating a book is an excellent way to bridge that knowledge gap. The first thing potential writers and those intrigued by the idea of expanded their knowledge base into the minds and homes of others is: “I don’t know how to write a book. My background and business has nothing to do with creating books.”

Fortunately, even if you have never written a story, sentence or even a word, you can still have a best-selling book. The first thing to consider is your area of expertise or the focus of your book.

There is a huge market for audio books, business books and lifestyle books, just to name a few. That’s the first step, narrowing your focus. In the business arena, the subject of your book can cover budgeting, economics, communications, finance, law, management, marketing, motivational, psychology, sales, technology and much more. For books in the lifestyle realm, options include: machinery, auto, cooking, family, gardening, health, motivational, parenting, pets, relationships, social media and many more choices.

Once you have established your focus, all your need is your brain and a resource site. A company like SkillBites can take your vision, no matter the details, and turn it into a popular book. You don’t have to worry about anything—once you have been interviewed, and the thorough research has been conducted, an outline will be sent for your approval. Within 30 days of signing up, a draft of your new book will be available.

Once the final content is approved, SkillBites can market the book, make it available online, get it listed on Amazon and give your product brand backing it needs. Let the sales come in while you become the authority in your field by putting your wisdom into a new book.

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