Using Polls To Decide Between Topics For Developing Skills EBooks

eBook authors commonly complain about the inability to come up with ideas for their next eBook on developing skills. What about when you have too many ideas, and can’t decide which of them would be viable eBook topics? For eBook publishers who have this problem, there is a time honored solution to help you narrow down which options you should keep, and which you should discard as being useless.

The best way to narrow down the choices is through using the simple poll. You’re familiar with the concept of a poll, and you’ve probably seen your share around the Internet. Operating a poll doesn’t require a professional to write out a fifty question survey. You can design a poll with five or six simple topic ideas and distribute it to your readers around the Internet.

This is where your website and your social media use will come into play. Many forms of social media have options where everyday users can create polls for their friends to take. Normally these take the form of silly questions about favorite movies or best days out with friends. However, with a little creativity, you can turn the polls offered by social media sites into sources of useful information.

When you go to construct your poll, you will find many options that can be useful for eBook publishers. Take your time as you work through these options. Setting up your poll correctly is vital to producing quality results for developing skills eBook topics. Among the options you will encounter could be who can view the poll, if those answering can add their own options, and if answering the poll in turn spreads the poll to everyone associated with the poll taker.

Take your time to construct the poll with the settings that you desire to narrow down your developing skills eBook ideas. Make sure that you include all of the options you’re considering, and that you turn off the option for poll takers to add their own answers. While this last option may seem like a good idea when you are setting the poll up, the majority of users who take the “add your own answer” option will only put in a snide or rude comment, which others can then vote for as well.

When your poll is ready, release it to the public on the social media sites that you use. You can also add the poll to your website through the use of plug-ins. These can often be found for free with a simple search of the available plug-ins for your website construction areas. Take your time while looking through the results for on-website polls, and make sure that you only download and install plug-ins that you trust. Within a week, you will start seeing useful results in your polls as your readers and fans guide you to the best eBook publishers topic for you to write about next.

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