Becoming an Author is Easier than Ever

The days of finding a literary agent, summiting work to a publisher, getting accepted and hoping someday your content will be put into a book are over.

When it comes to books and literature, the market only continues to grow. Bookstores now have extended sections for How-Tos, Self-Help, Autobiographies, Professional Series and many more literary areas. And with the ability to download books to mobile devices, the demand is only increasing for books pertaining to certain niches.

The hardest thing, however, for future and potential authors to deal with is actually finding an easy process in which they can turn their ideas and vision into an actual book. Before worrying about getting your work printed, produced and distributed, the book must first be written.

SkillBites, for example, can make sure you get your book out and it is accessible to the public. How? Because they can write the book for you. If you have a concept, SkillBites will interview you, understand the direction in which you want to go, do the research, create an outline for your approval and even compose the book itself. With the right help, every step of the content creation process will turn out exactly how you want it. SkillBites can even do your cover design, display your content on Amazon and make it available in print.

If you want to be a legitimate author, now is the time to start. Professionals will help you compose, edit, market and distribute, all in one company, all within the exact goals you want to achieve. Getting your name in print has never been easier.

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