Try This to Eliminate Writers Block

In this month’s Author Teleseminar, we heard from Judith Wentzel, a certified life coach, published author and advanced EFT practitioner.  EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, and is a weird but effective technique for removing limiting beliefs, fears and other emotional blocks.  Judith took us through the development of the technique, the wide range of issues it can be used to help with, the basis behind EFT and how to use it.

EFT is kind of like acupuncture without the needles.  It is based on removing blockages in a person’s energy system.  All negative emotions are caused by disruptions in the energy system, and EFT aims to re-balance the system by tapping on the meridian points.  While there are many meridian points in the body, there are just a handful that are the primary ones used by EFT.  Judith took us through the 9 or 10 areas to tap, as well as a set of verbal statements to make while tapping.

The first step is to assess the situation.  Give yourself a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 on how bad the situation is, and where you feel the problem.  Is it in your stomach, or a fast heart beat, or maybe a headache?  Then do a few rounds of tapping and reassess – how is it now?

Judith took us through some tapping for writer’s block, beginning with tapping on the “karate chop point” while repeating three times the sentence “Even though I have writer’s block, I deeply and completely accept myself”.  Then she had us repeat the phrase “writer’s block” while tapping the points at the top of the head, near the eyes and nose, by the collar bone and under the arm.  Then we did a second round, repeating the phrase “the stress I have with writing” on each of the points, after which we re-assessed where we were with that issue.

Depending on what comes up, you can go through the rounds again, perhaps with the statement “even though I still have this remaining issue with _____________, I deeply and completely accept myself.”  When the intensity is down to about a 2 or less, then start tapping in some motivation with empowering phrases, such as:  “I can do this,” “I love what I do,” or “I can write with ease and joy.”

Judith offered a complimentary EFT session with her, whether you are suffering from writer’s block or some other issue.  Her email address is and phone number is 704-517-2484.  Judith has a “Rapid Results” program for business owners to use EFT to grow their business.  One of her clients was able to increase her revenue from the mid-6 figures to over 7 figures in just a few months!  Judith is currently running a two for one special, where you get 2 months for every month you buy of her program.  Each month is 3 half-hour group sessions for $79/month.  Use the contact information provided to take advantage of this great offer!

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