Best Meditation Style for Beginners

In my opinion, based on my own experience as a meditation workshop facilitator, the very best style for beginners is Guided Meditation. Why guided meditation? Because using a verbally guided meditation greatly supports quieting the mind and expanding awareness, while taking you on a journey exploring your internal space. Mental chatter can be a major challenge for many beginning meditators.

A great technique for improving your meditative experience (for beginner and experienced alike) is to raise your vibration and energy through the use of sound. Doing a series of loud OMs (out loud) at the start of every meditation exercise will increase your energy levels, as you exhale out old, stale energy and breathe in fresh new energy. Increasing your energy levels will facilitate a deeply focused meditative experience.

Best Position: The Supine Position. I prefer lying flat, face up, in an environment free of distractions and because my body is completely supported, I am able to deeply relax, while my consciousness is free to explore.

Remember always: the most effective meditations set intentions. You can ask for guidance, healing energy, the answer to a question like – “what is my purpose”, ask for a blessing, or just use an affirmation. It is important to set the intention without being attached to the outcome.
Here are some other ideas for meditation intentions:
• Envisioning what you want to bring into physical reality as if it already exists
• Posing a question to the universe and waiting for a response. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t come right away, it may come during the week or month. Pay attention to synchronicities.
• Your intention could simply be to enjoy the deliciousness of the peace and serenity of the meditative state.

Using the above suggestions, a beginner meditator will be well on their way to a successful first meditation.

For more information on how to meditate (including more styles and positions) visit:

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