Magnetizing Your Life

Magnetizing is the ability to create by choice what you want in your life. You decide what you want and then by using the principles of magnetizing you bring what you want to you.  Magnetizing is a new way of viewing the world.  To magnetize successfully, you need to view the glass as half-full!

Many of us think there is a lack – lack of money, time, freedom, love, health, food, etc. We don’t get what we want and then we say, “see, I told you… there isn’t enough of that for me”. What we believe and continue to feel is what we get. We are being a magnet and attracting more of what it is we believe and focus on: lack!  In order to magnetize what you really want, you must be willing to let go of your existing beliefs around scarcity and lack. There is abundance and you simply choose what you want, and when you receive it, you know there is plenty more where that came from.

I hear a similar pattern in all those who are not yet magnetic. They believe there is never enough or they’ll never have what they want, and instead of acting like a magnet, they act like a repellent. They hold a deep belief that they don’t deserve things, and they really won’t get what they want. This belief interferes with the magnet’s ability to pull in.

The best way to practice focusing your thoughts is to spend some time each day quieting the mind. The best way to turn off the babbling is to spend time simply being quiet and breathing deeply while you practice focusing your attention solely on your desires. You can do a formal process or meditation if you wish. During this process, creatively visualize what it is you want to attract to your life with your “magnet”.

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