Boosting Your E-mail Marketing with an eBook

EmailWe’ve written before on using your eBook to grow your business’ mailing list (click here if you want to read the full post), but what should you do with that list once you’ve built it?  Get the most out of the time and effort you put into writing your eBooks, and make them work for you.  By supplementing your email marketing with a “free eBook” offer, you can drive more traffic to your website, further establish your dominance in your market, and earn the gratitude and trust of your curious leads and customers.

Here’s how:

If you’ve been building a mailing list, you probably already have an email marketing software.  Sending “drip marketing” messages to your contacts is a great way to stay in touch, and keep your brand foremost in your prospects’ minds, when the time comes for them to make a purchase in your industry.  A question that is often posed during a drip marketing campaign is, ‘how do I keep people coming back?’  Using your eBook is a great way to ensure return visits, and continued interest in your emails.

Send an email broadcast offering an exclusive eBook to your readers.  The email won’t actually have the eBook included as an attachment, but rather will drive people to a landing page on your website, where they can download the eBook and view some of your other digital resources as well.

You can also use an eBook as an enticement if you’re asking for a further action from your contacts.  Want to get a high rate of return on a customer satisfaction survey?  Offer an eBook as a reward for your contacts’ participation.  Split testing a page design?  Send your contacts to a landing page to claim their book, and use your split testing tool on that page.

EBooks are versatile business tools – how have you used yours?

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