Selling your eBook around the holidays

These days, it seems like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are celebrated every bit as much as Thanksgiving.  With more and more holiday shopping being done online every year, it’s time for you to capitalize on the trend and earn some sales for your eBooks.

Here are just a few ways that our SkillBites authors have promoted their books for the holiday season:

Free promotions  It seems counterintuitive to try and boost eBook sales by offering a “free eBook holiday promotion” but this is an effective method.  Services like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing allow you to offer your book for free for limited amounts of time.  By offering one of your older eBooks for free (and broadcasting the promotion to your contacts via e-mail and social media), you can generate an increased interest in your other works, driving your sales up.

Bundles  If your e-commerce solution allows, offer a “two for one” deal, or a group of your books on similar subjects for a reduced price.  The key to a promotion like this is to have a very limited time window.  Create a sense of urgency for your contacts to want to go and purchase.

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