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    My father worked in one industry after World War II for about 36 years and changed jobs one time. When I began my career, my wife did not work outside of the home. This is hardly today‘s world, however. In today‘s world:

    The average job tenure is about 2.5 years and declining!

    The average person working today will have 3 careers over their worklife.

    Odds are over 60% that a person over 50 will change jobs, if not careers.

    Today‘s graduates are being told to expect a minimum of 5 careers and 10 jobs!

    35%-40% of the work in the US is now being performed by a contingent workforce.

    75% of all firms now outsource at least one function and over 90% of large firms outsource.

    About 60% of us will seriously consider starting our own business.

    About 2/3 of all new jobs are being created in small businesses (whereas looking back a generation ago, most of us worked for big firms).

    About 1/3 of us will seriously consider resigning our jobs this year due to job stress.

    Odds are over 80% that you will lose a job at some point in your career for whatever reason.

    Alarming? Scary? Perhaps, but these are today‘s realities. A generation ago, we worked for large companies in traditional jobs.

    We sought job security and did not move around. Career planning was mostly something our employer did for us. These are not the ways of today.

    Before we address modern day job search, as a job seeker you need to recognize that you are responsible for your own career planning.

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    Career Planning

    There are three elements that have to converge for successful career planning: the job market, your talents and you as a person. Typically, a person looks at the elements in that order.

    Let‘s face it, most of us do not like change; therefore we often look at a job or career change (downsizing, a new boss, a reorganization or personal reasons for leaving) as negative. We might check out Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com and try to find what is hot and where the jobs are. We then look at our talents, the ones we have and the ones we might acquire, to see if they can fit in with what is available. Then, we determine if the job or occupation suits us.

    For successful career planning in today‘s world, let me strongly suggest that you fundamentally REVERSE the order of the elements. In other words, start with you, then consider your marketable talents and then worry about the job market. Common sense says you are more likely to be satisfied in your occupation by going about it this way. You will also come to the job market more focused. Plus, you will likely land a job 2-3 times more quickly this way! If you talked to 100 properly trained career counselors, they would all tell you the same thing.

  • About the Author

    Dick Cipoletti is President of RCC Associates, a full service human resources consulting and training firm.

    A published author and former HR columnist, Dick hosted the popular PBS TV series, ―Job Quest‖ for 8 years. He has trained nationally for CareerTrack, Dun & Bradstreet Seminars, Day-Timer, and PESI.

    He has served as Vice President of Human Resources for four organizations in three industries. In all, he has managed six HR departments, of which he started four. In the Lehigh Valley, he was VP/HR of Lehigh Valley Hospital, the Wood Company, and the Greif Companies.

    Dick has taught college on a variety of management topics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and now teaches in the MBA and HR programs at DeSales University. He is a certified Coach and Facilitator.

    He has taught over 60,000 supervisors and managers and career coached over 12,000 individuals and groups, at all levels. He has also worked with numerous individuals and teams in the areas of communication, team building, conflict resolution and other interpersonal skills.

    Dick is a graduate of West Virginia University, where he earned a B.S. in Journalism and a Master‘s degree in Public Administration.

    He and his family reside in Allentown, PA.

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Career Planning & Job Search Today

In today’s job market, it is clear that each of us is responsible for planning and managing our own career. It is also clear that people change jobs and careers more often and therefore need to know how to do career planning and job search.

This SkillBite, written by an HR pro with over 30 years of experience in both staffing and career counseling, will help you learn how to:

  • Discover your true talents and gifts
  • Properly research occupations
  • Conduct an effective job search
  • Use your network
  • Use the internet
  • And more!

“Cipoletti hits the nail on the head in his e-book, Career Planning & Job Search Today. This crazy new world of job searching is the new norm, so job seekers better get used to it. As a consultant who helps organizations attract top talent, I can honestly say that lack of focus certainly throws a great candidate into the “no” pile quite quickly. Cipoletti talks about the importance of being focused in his e-book. Let’s hope job seekers heed his advice. He also providers readers with a birds eye view of what employers are seeking and where they are hunting for talent.
Download a copy of this book and you’ll immediately stop wasting time on job search techniques that no longer work. In return, you’ll quickly accelerate your ability to find meaningful work in any economy.”

– Roberta Chinsky Matuson
President of Human Resource Solutions (www.yourhrexperts.com)
Author: Suddenly in Charge

“A fresh new way to build a successful career plan. A must read for all those seeking the perfect job!”
– Tracey S. Smith
Senior Vice President Retail Banking
Merchants Bank

“Read “Career Planning & Job Search Today” every day and keep it by your bed. At night, read a paragraph or section before you go to bed. In the morning, read it before starting your day. Keep a journal nearby to write down the insights, or the many ideas “Career Planning & Job Search Today” will inspire. This is a VERY user-friendly book. You’ll be glad you read it and used its advice!

Dick Cipoletti is a master trainer. Through his dynamic and interactive presentations, he inspires his audiences while infusing them with a joy of learning. Most importantly, he makes his audiences feel relaxed and at ease. He is creative, knowledgeable, inspiring, dedicated and visionary.”
Ellen Millard-Kern
Chief of Staff for Senator Pat Browne

“I have used many of the methods created by RCC Associates and found them to be very effective! Many of our clients have disabilities and find it hard to find a job in this tough economy. Their many barriers to employment put them at a disadvantage in the current marketplace. However, after using many of the techniques offered at RCC Associates, our clients were able to secure jobs in fields they were passionate about in record time!

I would recommend this eBook to anyone in the staffing or Human Resource industry. It’s definitely a valuable tool that will create satisfied customers that will help build your business and relationships in the long run!”
Todd Patnaude
Transitions Unlimited, LLC

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