Fundamentals of Job Interviewing for Managers

A good employee is hard to find and this difficulty increases proportionally to the position to be filled; i.e., the higher the position the more difficult the search and the vetting of candidates. 42% of employee turnover could be eliminated with an effective interviewing and hiring process. This statistic should motivate managers to take the process seriously and become experts at it.

For small businesses it’s even more important that managers be skilledin the entire process of selecting employees because the business can ill afford the cost of turnover or unsuitableemployees. A key component of the selection process is interviewing candidates.Sadly, there are many managers or supervisors who are not good interviewers or are not skilled or confident in the processes of selecting and hiring employees.

Interviewing is an art, more than a science and like everything else it requires practice. The interviewer must feel comfortable doing it and must have self-confidence in his/her abilities both in the job he/she represents and as an interviewer.

In this book you will learn:

  • strategies forhiring employees;
  • a procedureforselecting the right candidates; and
  • a productive interview method.

Fundamentals of Job Interviewing for Managers provides a clear, concise view into what can be, at times, a difficult and painful process. By adopting these principals, a manager can remove much of the pain caused by hiring the wrong person. The concepts captured here are useful for all levels of hiring and supervisory roles from the interview through to the post hiring performance review activity. Oswald has captured the essence of the pain points and prescribes some great preventative measures.
Bruce A. Weintraub
President & CEO
Weintraub Telecomm, LLC

There is no more critical decision facing a business owner than hiring. A wrong hire can have a huge detrimental impact on the business. While there is no way to erase all risk and uncertainty in hiring, following the process and procedures laid out by Mr. Viva will certainly go a long way in minimizing risk, and will result in a much better hire than just gathering resumes, recommendations and interviews. It is logical, easy to understand and follow and most importantly, makes the owner think about not only the type of person he or she wants for the job, but how to hire the right way and for a better outcome.
Buddy Hull
TAB Atlanta East.


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Career Planning & Job Search Today

In today’s job market, it is clear that each of us is responsible for planning and managing our own career. It is also clear that people change jobs and careers more often and therefore need to know how to do career planning and job search.

This SkillBite, written by an HR pro with over 30 years of experience in both staffing and career counseling, will help you learn how to:

  • Discover your true talents and gifts
  • Properly research occupations
  • Conduct an effective job search
  • Use your network
  • Use the internet
  • And more!

“Cipoletti hits the nail on the head in his e-book, Career Planning & Job Search Today. This crazy new world of job searching is the new norm, so job seekers better get used to it. As a consultant who helps organizations attract top talent, I can honestly say that lack of focus certainly throws a great candidate into the “no” pile quite quickly. Cipoletti talks about the importance of being focused in his e-book. Let’s hope job seekers heed his advice. He also providers readers with a birds eye view of what employers are seeking and where they are hunting for talent.
Download a copy of this book and you’ll immediately stop wasting time on job search techniques that no longer work. In return, you’ll quickly accelerate your ability to find meaningful work in any economy.”

– Roberta Chinsky Matuson
President of Human Resource Solutions (www.yourhrexperts.com)
Author: Suddenly in Charge

“A fresh new way to build a successful career plan. A must read for all those seeking the perfect job!”
– Tracey S. Smith
Senior Vice President Retail Banking
Merchants Bank

“Read “Career Planning & Job Search Today” every day and keep it by your bed. At night, read a paragraph or section before you go to bed. In the morning, read it before starting your day. Keep a journal nearby to write down the insights, or the many ideas “Career Planning & Job Search Today” will inspire. This is a VERY user-friendly book. You’ll be glad you read it and used its advice!

Dick Cipoletti is a master trainer. Through his dynamic and interactive presentations, he inspires his audiences while infusing them with a joy of learning. Most importantly, he makes his audiences feel relaxed and at ease. He is creative, knowledgeable, inspiring, dedicated and visionary.”
Ellen Millard-Kern
Chief of Staff for Senator Pat Browne

“I have used many of the methods created by RCC Associates and found them to be very effective! Many of our clients have disabilities and find it hard to find a job in this tough economy. Their many barriers to employment put them at a disadvantage in the current marketplace. However, after using many of the techniques offered at RCC Associates, our clients were able to secure jobs in fields they were passionate about in record time!

I would recommend this eBook to anyone in the staffing or Human Resource industry. It’s definitely a valuable tool that will create satisfied customers that will help build your business and relationships in the long run!”
Todd Patnaude
Transitions Unlimited, LLC


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Employment Law Guide For Employees: Practical Tips On How To Protect Yourself In The Workplace And On Your Way Out, by Ayesha Hamilton

Employment law for the employee: Understand your rights and learn how to protect yourself when you believe that you are being mistreated in the workplace. This e-book will help you evaluate the strength of your claims and decide your path forward.

“Ayesha Hamilton is a brilliant attorney who helped me understand my rights and the details of my discrimination case against my employer in a very straight forward manner. She navigates through the complexities of the law in a swift, efficient manner and is a formidable presence in the face of opposing counsel.”
– Ramona Broomer

“Ayesha has handled several matters for me and my wife in the past and I have never been associated with an attorney that listened to my concerns, addressed them, explained what my options were, and why, and then asked what I thought. Her understanding of Employee, Employer, and Business Law is extensive, and what she doesn’t know she fully researches to assure that you receive the best advice and representation. I have complete confidence in her opinions and will not consider making a move any more without consulting her first. I have read her Employment Guide, and can assure you this is great advice. I regret not having this type of information available years ago when I began my professional career.”
– Manfred Marotta

“Ayesha Hamilton’s direct approach to employment issues helps clarify if you have a potential case or not and what you should do about it. Her real world thinking and practical advice help navigate you through, at times, muddy water. As an employer, Ayesha has helped my company create a framework of communication and accountability not just for my employees, but for my company as well. Ms. Hamilton’s expertise and guidance is necessary in today’s competitive job market to both the employer and the employee.”
– Shirley Kalisky


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Top 10 Tips to Acing Your Job Interview, by Cindy McGeever

We only get one chance to make a good first impression, and when you’re creating that first impression in an interview situation, the stakes are high. Our top 10 interview tips will guarantee that you launch your job search with your best foot forward, and keep it there throughout the interview process.

In a competitive job market, you need every advantage. We deliver the information you need to know without a lot of fluff. Just straight talk from an experienced recruiter who has interviewed hundreds of candidates. Don’t walk into another interview before reading our top 10 tips! We’ll give you the knowledge you need to ace your next job interview.

“The interview tips in this e-book are excellent. Having been a hiring manager and the president of a company, I know that Cindy’s top 10 interview tips really hit the nail on the head. There were many people I interviewed that could have had dramatically different outcomes to their employment if they had read these tips before sitting down with my staff and I.
These may seem like common sense, but I have found candidates that practice these techniques are few and far between. I can guarantee that if you read this, practice the ideas embodied in this book, and execute them during the interview, you will greatly improve the odds of getting hired.”

– Steven A. Jacobs, MBA, R.Ph.
President, Global BioPharm Solutions, LLC

“Acing Your Job Interview is exactly on point to put you ahead of the competition. This quick read gives you the 10 key points–follow them and you will find yourself confidently navigating this tough job market.”
– Clare Novak
International HR Consultant and Author

“The tips in this book are right on the money! I have interviewed thousands of candidates over the past 20 years and the candidate that gets the job will always have these 10 areas perfected.”
– Lori Colasanti
President, The Job Exchange


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