Converting Your Website On How To Develop Skills Into An EBook Series

If you are a professional who has turned your prized skill set into a profitable website, you already know how much time is needed to keep your readers coming back for more. The average professional often decides to begin their online presence with a website, and usually make a tidy profit in the process.

There comes a point in every website owner’s career where they realize that their website is great, but if the information it offers were available in the form of an eBook, they could make a lot more profit for their efforts. We here at SkillBites are all too familiar with this desire, and want to tell you that eBook publishing isn’t as simple as it seems like it would be.

Aspiring authors commonly come to us with the idea of turning their website content into en eBook so readers can develop skills more easily. There is a fundamental problem with this approach though: Why is a reader going to pay money to purchase an eBook, when they could just read the exact same information for free on your website?

The key to turning your website information into a successful eBook publishing venture is to not simply copy your entire website onto the eBook page. What you need to do is to offer the reader more, in every sense of the word. You need to provide your reader with information that goes beyond what your website offers them. Where your website ends must be where your eBook begins.

In order to help your readers develop skills in whatever your specialization is, you are going to need to know the points in which your readers are lacking these skills. A common mistake that website owners make in eBook publishing is trying to squeeze all of the information that their website offers into a single eBook. Avoid this approach. Your website is full of valuable information on a host of different topics. There’s no reason to blow your entire load on this single eBook venture.

Consider the different aspects of your website, and how they could be made into their own eBooks on developing skills. As you identify the portions of your website that could be expanded on and used as a teaching method for introducing a skill set to your readers, you will begin to realize exactly how many eBook topics you are sitting on. Select one of these for your first eBook publishing venture.

From this point, your task as an eBook author is simple. Begin with what your website tells your readers about the skill. Expand on that discussion. Fill in the real details, those tiny pieces of advice that you wish you could have included on the website itself, but didn’t have the room or the time to do so. Through careful organization and outlining, you can turn that list of information on your website into a full length eBook fit for publication on SkillBites.


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