Choosing a Title for Your eBook

When it comes to creating a title for your book, you need to take the time to
make sure the title is relevant and compelling. This is a more important aspect
of the book writing process than you might think. The title is the biggest factor in
people’s decisions to purchase a book.

Publishers will tell you that choosing the correct title for your book will help it stick out in people’s minds A book with a weak title or no title at all is likely to be lost in the shuffle. You want your title to be strong and leave a lasting impression.

When coming up with a title for your book, make sure it is not a long title. The
best length is 5 words or less for the main title, and 8 words or less for a subtitle.
You should think about a title that is unique and easy to understand, and conveys
the benefits that the reader will get when reading the book. Think about what
problem your book solves, and what people search for when they are looking for
a solution to that problem. If you use the right key words, your book will come up
faster in the search engines.

Choosing just the right title for your book can be challenging, but this is not a
decision you want to rush. If you have any questions about getting your own
book published or finding a good title, contact us at for help.

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