EBook Publishing Is More Than Recycling Your Website

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Several authors here at SkillBites have websites. You have used these websites over the years to make a name for yourself in your industry. Whatever it is that you personally do, you have helped so many others learn how to do it through your website.

Now, you have decided to step into the world of eBook publishing, determined to make an even larger profit off of your website than you have before. What better way to make money from your knowledge than to write a eBook that your adoring website audience will scramble to buy in order to learn more wisdom from you?

The problem that the average website owner encounters in their attempt at eBook publishing is not difficulty writing. The biggest mistake they make is normally that they simply try to lift information from their website and drop it, as is, into the pages of their eBook. This may seem like a clever, effortless way to go about publishing your own eBook, but it is not.

When you write a eBook that contains only the information available on your website, you have made a critical mistake. Unless you charge a membership fee to view your website information, you have already given away all of the contents of your eBook for free. Anyone with a wifi access point can read every word in your eBook on your website instead, and without ever paying a penny. If this is your idea of how to write a eBook, you see the problem you are facing.

eBook publishing is about more than just regurgitating your website information into a single PDF file. It is a waste of great information to include everything that your website offers in a single eBook. Through adding new information to your existing material, you could easily stretch your website’s contents out into a series of eBooks on different topics.

The important lesson to take away is that you must add new material to anything that your website already has on it. When you write a eBook for publishing here on SkillBites, you should aim for at least 50% new material in it. This does not mean that you go back and re-word what was already on your website. This 50% new material is information that was not on your website originally.

For the 50% of information that is from your website, your eBook publishing attempt should include a good deal of effort in re-writing. Even though you have covered this information on your website already, you can disguise it from your readers by writing it in a new and fresh way. When you copy and paste directly from your website, your readers will recognize the information.

Even if you are using information from your website, remember that your readers will appreciate the effort that goes into the re-writing process. Take the time to write a eBook properly, and your readers will line up, wanting more in your next volume.

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