What Makes Someone An Expert In The Eyes Of EBook Publishers?

As you know by now, we only permit experts to publish a eBook here at SkillBites. Through this regulation, we offer all of your readers the promise of finding only quality writing by professionals on our website. This is what makes us the eBook publishers that everyone wants to be a part of. As a network that publishes only experts, readers know that SkillBites is the place to turn to for expert advice on any subject.

But what helps us to determine whether someone is an expert or not? Before you can publish a eBook, you have to prove to the SkillBites staff that you have the skills and the knowledge that will prove useful to other members of society. One of the questions that we receive most often is “How do I know if I am an expert?”

Your status as an expert in your field is determined entirely by what you have done with your life. When we look at your application to publish a eBook with us, we scrutinize every included detail and use them to determine if people are the type of eBook publishers that we consider experts. What this means for you is that every little detail counts.

When you are trying to prove your status as an expert, you should begin by stating any relevant education that you have had in your field. Some skills can be picked up in only a single college course, while others require years of specialized training. We like to hear about internships you worked through, conferences that you attended, and even specialized mini-classes that helped you further your education.

Tell us, your soon to be eBook publishers, about your entire educational experience. If you received any awards, had a paper read before an important committee, or were published in a hometown magazine, we want to know about that as well! All of these educational experiences add up when it comes to being an expert who can publish a eBook with us.

Outside of your education, you must mention your experiences in your industry as well. Let’s face it: anyone can get an education these days. What sets the college dropouts apart from the real experts who want to publish a eBook is the experience that they have. Tell us about the important jobs that you have worked since graduation! Your eBook publishers want to know all of the creative ways that you have found to use your skills, as well as what responsibilities you had along the way.

By combining the ten years you’ve worked in the industry with your educational achievements, you stand the best chance of proving to your eBook publishers that you are the expert that you claim to be. Every little detail counts when you want to publish a eBook, so let us know about everything that helps you convince us of your professional status.


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