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    Networking is an invaluable tool that everyone in business would do well to utilize and master. Adding the dynamic of networking with protocol and etiquette is the icing on the cake. The old adage says it‘s not what you know but who you know. I‘d like to add, it‘s also who they know and if you have developed enough trust that they share their network with you.

    People do business with people they like. Again I‘d like to add, people do business with people with whom they feel comfortable and who abide by the same rules and the same understanding of what is 'protocol'. Club members recognize other club members by the way they carry themselves and by the set of rules they follow. If you operate in accordance with the unwritten yet understood (by members) rules, you are recognized as an insider and treated as such with the benefits afforded club members. We all know membership has its benefits.

    Successful people possess highly-refined networking skills and a sense of decorum in their interaction that is unmistakable. You‘ve seen that person—it seems like she knows everyone in the room and everyone in the room seems to know her. She has a comfort level and confidence that benefits herself, as well as the host of the event and everyone with whom she interacts. Her natural demonstration of polished business interaction brings a sense of ease to everyone in the room. Her influence makes a positive shift in the ambience of the room and the event. What host or hostess is not grateful for that? These master networkers are invited everywhere and they approach networking prepared, poised and considerate. The central principle of networking at this level of excellence is one of –yes, protocol and etiquette. It also includes the concept of giving, the universal reward for which is getting.

    Networking with using the rules of protocol and etiquette is an empowering strategy that will give you confidence and ease at business functions, in networking situations, in relationships and in life.

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    Have you ever been to a networking session where someone passes out their business cards like Mrs. Fields cookies to everyone they see? Perhaps you have been in the company of someone in a networking meeting and instead of looking you in the eye, they keep eyeing the door. How about the person you just "friended" on Facebook® and now you are notified about everything they do, hear, think, play and eat? There are wrong ways to network and there are ways to network that demonstrate your acumen in protocol and etiquette. The networking skills presented in this eBook are designed to help you relate to people and build long-term relationships.

    Networking is people talking to each other, sharing ideas, information and resources. Networking is what happens when there is a planned event or gathering with the primary goal of connecting with others. Networking is an action word with a fundamental focus on meeting people, and having people meet you. It‘s what you do and how you do what you do to make people comfortable with and engaged by you. This does not discount the networking that happens in the parking lot, in the supermarket, in the bank and at the car wash—all equally important opportunities to demonstrate your character, your charm, your ability to master a human moment.

    For the purposes of this eBook, we are discussing strategies on "working a room"; the art of mingling with civility, and its benefits. Networking with both protocol and etiquette means:

    • Giving and getting—in that order
    • Building rapport with people
    • Sharing contacts and resources
    • Trying out thoughts and ideas with others
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    Protocol International
    It’s not just etiquette, it’s good business
    (973) 761-8489

    Cheryl Walker-Robertson is Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer of Protocol International, a professional protocol, etiquette and business development consulting firm. In this capacity she provides protocol and etiquette training, coaching, consulting and briefings for a variety of corporations, business and social organizations, colleges and universities, elite athletic teams and individuals. She leads the brand strategy and business development for the company and manages, mentors and trains Protocol‘s team of image consultants, professional organizers and brand strategists.

    A certified international protocol and etiquette expert, Cheryl has helped her clients learn to be more confident, courteous and strategic in business and social situations. She works with her clients privately and in groups. For more than a decade, Protocol International has provided communication and leadership training programs, keynotes, and executive coaching to Fortune 500 companies, universities and national conferences.

    Cheryl is an Ambassador for Civility for the Association of Image Consultants International, a member of the National Association of Professional Women, the American Society of Training and Development and the International Association of Protocol Consultants and Officers, as well as an Advisory Board Member of the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers.

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Effective Networking: The Ultimate Business Tool, by Cheryl Walker-Robertson

“Cheryl Walker-Robertson, expert Protocol and Etiquette trainer provides pertinent real life help to improve our professional networking through her latest highly acclaimed publication—Networking: The Ultimate Business Tool. This quick read provides practical tools on some of the key issues many of us face in our daily professional lives including first impressions, remembering names, business cards, and even the contemporary issue of social networking. By reading this well researched and studied work by Cheryl Walker-Roberston, the reader will undoubtedly be provided with surefire ways to succeed in any business networking venture!”
– Alexsandra Mitchell

“Truly, a great read! I plan on incorporating Cheryl Walker-Robertson’s networking tools into my daily business routine. Her 10 tips will undoubtedly lead to the cultivation of many fruitful relationships. The simplest things that many of us may normally overlook (e.g., how important the first impression is or making sure your business card represents you well) will always go the longest way in securing some of the most important business relationships.”
– Brian Elfus
Impact Sports Basketball

“An excellent practical read on how to leverage “people networks” in effective company development. Cheryl’s approach to network etiquette can improve information flow, creative exchange of ideas, and cooperation. I recommend this eBook to entrepeuners, managers, sales people and anyone wanting to be successful in business. Great job Cheryl!”
– Brandon Duckett
Duckett Financial Services

“Networking is so important and most people are petrified to do it. Or if they do it, they do it poorly. Cheryl has offered an important perspective and great tips that take the mystery out of networking. She makes it feel doable!”
– Audra Bohannon
Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion
Global Novations

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