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180 Rule Business Development

In today’s fast-paced business environment there’s a  need to find efficient, successful answers to how to attract and retain sales revenue. The search for answers to getting more business has us chasing the latest “hot thing” rather than adopting a powerful internal methodology to achieve success. New ideas, in and of themselves, are extremely attractive as our desperation fuels a willingness to change something, anything.  All too often, before we reach mastery or even an understanding of a new technique, we are made aware of another newer technique and run to the newer answer much like a team of 4 year olds playing soccer. What if there was a way to tap into our existing tendencies, not only to get on track but to stay on track without a laborious retraining program and the distraction of chasing after the “next hottest thing.” The 180 Rule provides us with a vehicle to tap this innovative methodology that successfully uses a natural phenomenon inherent in all of us. Studies having been going on since early 1948 regarding this behavioral trait called the Negativity Bias. The 180 Rule uses these findings and applies a process that allows us to eagerly work as a team because of the ease of participation. This effective collaborative effort affords us the opportunity not only to come up with viable solutions but also helps keep the mission on track. With participation comes a greater commitment to achieve success. In sports we strive for the natural golf or tennis swing; in business development we have found a business process that successfully utilizes our natural tendencies. The 180 Rule is that process.

My team has successfully used the 180 Rule for the past two years. It was another breakthrough when we used it specifically for business development. It’s almost unbelievable how a concept that is so easy can yield such amazing results.
Bill Archer
Chief Marketing Officer, Frost & Sullivan

The magic of the 180 Rule is that it utilizes our natural abilities. Business development made much more sense when we applied this valuable tool. It is truly amazing how the strategies we had in place were actually sabotaging our mission. The 180 rule got us on track and keeps us on track.
Giulio Santorio
Managing Partner, AveryTeach

My organization was floundering and what was worse we didn’t have a clue how to handle our changing prospects. We started applying the 180 Rule for business development and now we are not only successful at generating consistent revenue but have a clear understanding of our customers and how to keep pace with our market. Bring on more change, we have the 180 Rule, we’re ready for it.
Mark Cohen
Vice President Marketing, TD2 Enterprise

Finding new opportunities to sell our services is more difficult than ever. The number of competitors now, although large, are even outstripped by the number of internet tools that all boast of being the single answer to business development. The 180 rule brought awareness about how and when to use those tools effectively. Using the 180 Rule for Business development has not only been a simple approach but a necessity for our success.
Rick Simmons
Chief Solution Officer, Simmons Online Solutions


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Make Money Selling What You Know

You have heard the expression, “Knowledge is power.” Today, knowledge is also income! If you take what you know and create information products people want to buy, you can tap into this lucrative income stream easily and quickly. Make Money Selling What You Know shows you how.

You can build physical products, such as printed books or DVDs, and downloadable, digital ones, such as eBooks and mp3s. When your product is completed, sell it on your own website or blog or on a hosted website and generate income.

Provide unique value and add a variety of new products regularly, so your customers come back and buy more of what you have to offer. Leverage your products and create greater value. Bundle an eBook with an mp3 and then package both of these with a recorded webinar. Bundling can increase your income exponentially.

Say, “YES” to new income opportunities and start now to share your knowledge with information products. Make Money Selling What You Know!

“Make Money Selling What You Know” is a must-have eBook for anyone who wants to increase their income by sharing their expertise. As an image consultant and SkillBites author, I know that being published adds to your credibility, enhances your professional reputation and helps you stand out from your competitors. Patricia’s book is the go-to source for what you need to know and do to turn your knowledge into profits!”
– Sara Canuso
President, A Suitable Solution, Philadelphia, PA.

“The information in this eBook is necessary for anyone who wants to showcase their expertise to grow their business. An information product lets small businesses and entrepreneurs more successfully compete with larger companies that have huge marketing departments behind them. An eBook or workshop can mean new business practically overnight, and this eBook shows you how to do it.”
– Richard Ventura
President & CEO, Economic Empowerment Fund Former Commissioner, City and County of San Francisco Small Business Commission


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Getting Noticed

For businesses of all sizes and types, a key driver of growth is Getting Noticed by your target audiences and influencing their decisions. With the growth of the Internet and social media, as well as with other delivery channels, there are numerous marketing tactics to help organizations Get Noticed; however, the options are often overwhelming and can be outside the budgets of many organizations. Implementing a cost-effective public relations program can lay a strong foundation to build awareness for an organization. This SkillBite will walk you through some of the PR strategies that can be used to Get Noticed and grow your business. You will learn:

  • To set your goals and develop a PR plan to Get Noticed.
  • To identify your target audience(s) and develop messages to reach those key influencers.
  • Various PR strategies and tactics that can be leveraged to Get Noticed.

“Ms. Higgins has broken through the shrouds of ‘mystery’ surrounding PR by laying out good, step-by-step instructions on how Public Relations can be more accessible for mere mortals. You too, can do it! Using layman’s terms, and including suggestions which any size organization can execute, ‘Getting Noticed’ will allow you to formulate, implement and measure your Public Relations plan. From tips on public speaking to ‘putting on your reporter’s hat’, each section gives some nuggets of wisdom which should allow you to improve your PR approach from ‘haphazard at best’ to ‘planned and successful’.”
– Sandra Clitter
Founder and President of Your Tech Tamer, LLC.

“Sometimes good things come in small packages, and that is certainly the case with the SkillBites publication, ‘Getting Noticed.’ Author Karen Higgins, a respected public relations professional, covers enough content to fill the syllabus of a graduate level course in PR, yet she deftly delivers the salient information in less than 20 pages. It’s an essential briefing document for any business owner who could benefit from positive media attention. And couldn’t we all?”
– Kim Landry
President, Hollister Creative

“Karen Higgins is a consummate PR professional. She eats and breathes Public Relations because it’s her passion, not just her expertise. Committed to the discipline and the practice, she juggles B2B clients, participates in industry associations, and is a leader others look to for media and branding advice. With decades of experience among her accomplishments, it’s inspiring to see that she doesn’t rest on her laurels and the standard way of doing thing…she adapts to trends, learns new techniques, and makes sure that the way she sees public relations is ever-changing. Her authority and insights can help the PR novice as much as the PR veteran.”
– Andrea Frassoni
Marketing Writer & PR Manager Maxwell Systems, Inc.


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Learning the ABC’s of Public Speaking

This eBook reviews the fundamentals of public speaking and provides valuable tips for overcoming nervousness. Everyone needs public speaking skills. These skills help with everyday life. After reading this book, you will be much more comfortable and much more effective in giving speeches.

You will learn:

  • the importance of having a great introduction and conclusion and how to make that happen;
  • the ABCs of an effective speech: Approach, Attitude, Audience, Big, Bold, Brief, Concise, and Creative;
  • the two main types of speeches and how to present each of them effectively;
  • the importance of preparation and practice; and much more.

“The Learning the ABC’s of Public Speaking eBook has really helped me overcome my anxiety toward giving presentations. Any thought of delivering a speech used to give me the worst anxiety and stress, and I would avoid it like the plague. Now after reading this eBook I feel much more comfortable about giving a presentation. It has truly lifted so much weight off my shoulders. I recommend this eBook to anyone dealing with the anxiety of public speaking.”
– Clarence Alston
Owner, Pops Corner Restaurant

“I love the advice and tips in this booklet! It was simple and a breeze to read through. My ABC’s for this author’s work are: Amazing, Beautiful, and Captivatingly written! I really recommend it for those who fear public-speaking more than death. Communication is key and so is this eBook.”
– Ashley Bo
Student, Bethlehem Pa.

“I want to extend my thanks and gratitude to Kelly Pettis for creating this eBook. When I had to speak in front of a large group of people I was scared and felt completely ill prepared for what I was doing. I looked everywhere for some knowledge and understanding and came across your eBook. It was nice to know that I was not alone. With the tools and tips the eBook provided I now have a ton of confidence and volunteer myself for presentations and conferences.”
– Ashley Deal
Make-up Artist


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Guerrilla Marketing for Spas

With an increasing number of Spas entering the market and with businesses in general closing their doors in droves these days, taking responsibility for the marketing of your Spa is more important than ever. The problem is that most Spa owners don’t specialize in marketing. So, how do you know what methods are best? Which ones will work and which ones won’t? You’re about to learn how to use no-cost and low-cost methods to grow your Spa to where you want it to be. You’ll learn to think like a Guerrilla, so you can get your business in the front line and be in control of your profits and successes.

“Guerrilla Marketing for Spas is a powerful and targeted “must read” for any spa owner. The ideas and information are insightful and provide a unique step by step formula, sprinkled with refreshing concepts that are easy to implement. This book will inspire and guide you while it motivates and enables you to be the best. It will change you and your business.”
– Marianne Torhus

“From the moment I opened the book I was engulfed in the endless missed opportunities I had not yet taken within our current marketing practices. I surely didn’t know, what I didn’t know, that thanks to Guerrilla Marketing, I know now! Guerrilla Marketing for Spas is the PERFECT book to take your salon and/or spa to the next level! We have already begun applying some of the book’s best practices and are so thrilled with the immediate results and are eagerly waiting to see how grand our long term ROI (return on investment) will be from following Guerrilla Marketing’s guidelines to success! Thank you Terri for sharing this amazing business tool with us, we’re looking forward to our best year ever thanks to Guerrilla Marketing!”
– Melissa Huetter
Owner: Indigo Salon, Spa & Boutique

“I have owned my own spa for over 16 years and I have coached and educated salon and spa owners around the country on best business practices. Through the years the lack of information and practical techniques regarding marketing for our specialized needs has burdened owners and cost companies significantly in ineffective advertising expenses. “Guerrilla Marketing for Spas” bridges this gap and is a must-read for spa owners intending to be truly successful in the new economy!”
Roseanne Klementisz
Owner: The Body Serene Day Spa


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