Entertaining Your Reader With Your Developing Skills EBooks

As you have no doubt discovered by this point in your writing career, creating an eBook about developing skills in a certain area isn’t just about presenting a dry volume of knowledge for someone to sort through. If you want your readers to keep coming back for more, you need to offer them a reason to do so: a source of entertainment. Whether you focus on business or lifestyle eBooks, the lack of entertainment in your writing will produce a dry and sleep-inducing study into the world of whatever your topic happens to be.

Entertaining your readers is a matter which needs to be handled in a serious way here on SkillBites. You know that we have a filler-free approach to our required writing style. As such, it will fall to you to discover a way to keep your reader entertained and engaged with your material, without offering useless discussions or padding your book with useless filler.

Luckily for you, filler is normally what ends up being the dry, boring parts of the eBook! By forbidding these aspects in our business and lifestyle eBooks, we have actually freed you from the temptation to go on about a single topic in a useless, circular conversation for thirty pages. But this same rule often causes our writers to become confused, and present that dry list of facts that can’t hold a reader’s attention at all.

The important difference between filler and entertainment lies entirely in the way that you present it. An unneeded second example of how Sandy gets her children to eat their vegetables is easily considered filler. However, when the entire lifestyle eBook focuses on Sandy’s adventures into serving healthier meals to her family, you are offering entertainment instead.

The key to differentiating between these two aspects is simply to integrate the entertainment as a part of the discussion. Your source of entertainment doesn’t necessarily need to focus on a story that is cleverly woven into the educational presentation. You can choose from many different styles of entertainment while writing your lifestyle eBooks.

Instead of focusing on only the information in a dry, logical manner, you could change your entire tone of writing. Presenting the same information in a relaxed tone, the type of atmosphere that would arise from sharing a cup of coffee with a friend, for example, can produce a much more entertaining work.

What you should try to avoid is a dry, cold, and logical presentation style list of pure facts. These facts are great, but without some feeling behind them, and a way for your reader to incorporate them into what they’ve already learned, they will remain exactly as they are: a series of disjointed facts that your reader must figure out how to integrate into a skill set. Avoid sounding like a college lecturer in your lifestyle eBooks, and focus instead on developing skills with a friendly atmosphere and relaxed presentation style that you’re accustomed to working in.


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