Are You Professional Enough To Write A EBook?

If you’ve got a skill that others could make use of, then there is no reason why you can’t become an eBook author. The days of only an elite, lucky few becoming published are over, thanks to the eBook revolution. Literally anyone can write a eBook nowadays, and have it published online in a matter of hours after it is completed. If you’ve got a solid ability to write, and you know how to do or make something that others would be interested in learning, then you can become a published eBook author!

When it comes to lifestyle eBooks, there are no shortage of skills that people would love to learn. Whether you are skilled in knitting, gardening, or know how to turn a two liter bottle into a coin sorter, someone would like to know how to do what you do. If it turns out that you are an expert in your field, then you could easily write a eBook for the Internet.

With the advent of eBook publishing allowing anyone to publish an eBook came the problem that anyone can publish an eBook, whether they are actual experts or not. If you are an expert in your field, and you wish to produce lifestyle eBooks that can honestly help others learn the skills that you do for a living, you need a way to separate yourself from the non-professionals you’re competing with.

The best way you can set yourself apart from the want-to-be’s in your field is by taking your lifestyle eBooks to an eBook publishing company such as SkillBites. At, the only people who are permitted to write a eBook and publish it on the site are those who can prove that they are true experts.

When it comes to lifestyle eBooks, proving that you are an expert at what you do often takes on different approaches than it does from the business spectrum. Before you dismiss yourself as not being qualified, consider what would qualify anyone as an expert in your field. What, exactly, makes someone an expert quilt maker? How does someone prove that they are a professional at organizing a living space, or at recycling ideas that can save you money at the same time?

If you consider yourself an expert at any topic that would be appropriate for lifestyle eBooks, and you wish to write a eBook for publication online, then it’s worth the attempt to prove your expertise to the folks over at SkillBites. If you succeed, you will be able to join a community of experts who write and publish eBooks on a platform that the public recognizes as a source of professional, quality information on business and lifestyle eBooks topics.

Who knows, maybe your writing skills and professional demeanor have what it takes to become a lifestyle eBooks writing expert. If so, you could have your eBook published and start making a profit from it tomorrow.

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