Finding The Perfect Keywords For Your How To EBooks

It would be great if an author could simply put their eBook up for sale and have it downloaded millions of times in a single afternoon, but that just doesn’t happen. If you want your eBook publishing efforts to be successful, you are going to need to market your book to let people know that it is out there.

One easy and free way to increase the visibility of your book is to use keywords. Keywords are the words people use when they are searching on the internet. Your eBook should have at least one keyword or keyword phrase embedded in the title. This way, when someone is searching for those keywords, your book title will appear in their search results. But how do you know what keyword phrase is a good one?

Finding a quality keyword phrase to include in your title is a simple matter of looking through keyword indicators online. The easiest and perhaps most widely known keyword search can be located at This program requires no downloading or installation in order to use. You simply type your intended keyword phrase into the search bar, type in the verification code to help Google verify that there is a human at the keyboard, and your results appear in only a few seconds. You aren’t required to log in with your Google account to get the results, although logging in does give you access to additional information regarding your search.

From here, you can determine what the competition rates are for your intended keywords, what the global monthly search results look like, and what the local monthly search results look like. You are likewise given Google’s list of alternative keyword phrases and the information available on those as well.

If you a hoping to bring in clients for a local business only, you want your keyword to have a high local search rate. If you are doing business with the entire Internet as your sales counter, you will concentrate more on the global monthly search rate information. When it comes to the competition rate, you will find that each keyword phrase has either a low, medium, or high rate. A low rate means that not many others are using that phrase, while a high rate means that many others are using it, so your chances of being found using a high rate are much worse than when using a low competition rate. For the best results, you want to select a keyword phrase that has a high search rate, meaning a lot of people searching with that phrase, but low competition.

Once you have determined your keyword phrases, you want to use them in any posts that you make while advertising your how to eBook online. You should also include them in any description of the eBook that appears online. EBook authors who use the right keywords in their eBook title and posts find that their sales increase for their efforts.

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