Finding Topics To Write A EBook On In The Media

Authors seem to be able to produce an idea a minute for the business sections of eBooks, but rarely do they consider adding to the lifestyle eBooks side of things. Ask one of our authors to produce a forty page thesis on giving a business presentation, and she will have it ready in a week. Ask her to turn that same information into how to give a presentation to the other tenth graders in your class, and she becomes lost at the thought.

We always try to remind our authors that you can write a eBook on almost any topic that you come up with, but still, they tend to steer toward the business. Considering that the people who visit SkillBites as readers are often equally interested in business and lifestyle eBooks, many of our authors are missing out on a prime opportunity to make a sale.

Writing lifestyle eBooks is often considered more difficult than it actually is because our authors get stumped on choosing a topic. Instead of staying in the business world where you have published all of your other eBooks at, consider venturing into the lifestyle eBooks side of SkillBites for a change.

For those authors who balk at the very notion of writing lifestyle eBooks, we would like to offer encouragement in a very simplistic manner. To find a topic to write a eBook on a lifestyle topic, you normally don’t have to look much further than your local news broadcast.

Whether you get your news from a website, a newspaper, or the television, we all have access to the same media coverage every day. Certainly you’ve noticed by now that the American public seems to fixate around certain events and drag them on for weeks or even months in the media spotlight. Consider the recent news events that you’ve been keeping track of, and ask yourself how your business skills could be turned into a lifestyle eBooks offering that would educate the average American on this topic.

The possibilities for lifestyle eBooks ventures are almost endless when you approach them from this angle. As you think about the latest news headlines, consider how these can be broken down into their wider categories. How can your business skills on surviving a pay cut be turned around and offered as a lesson on how survive in a ruined economy? Can your advice on working as a part of a group be expanded to include how to get along with new roommates? The possibilities here are endless.

In order to make use of these lifestyle eBooks options, though, you must give enough attention to the current events and the basic fears behind them. It is in these fears of economic downturn and instability that the biggest possibilities to write a eBook exist. With how these topics continue reappearing in the media, your eBook will draw attention to itself for a long time to come.

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