Promote Your Book

Having your name on a book is a great tool for raising your visibility to the
marketplace, but only if you get the word out about your book. There are many
ways to do this that are quick and low cost.

Before your book is even completed, you could be posting messages about its
impending release on social media sites, such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google+
and LinkedIn. Write some blog posts about topics in your book, and invite your
readers to let you know if they’d like more information on the topic, which will
provide you with some early sales. Find other blogs that your target market is
likely to read, and find out if you can submit a guest post on those blogs. And of
course, once your book is published, you should publicize that on social media
as well.

Offline publicity should not be ignored.

Contact local reporters in your area to ask if they will do a story on you and your
book Contact radio and TV shows to get interviewed. Being on the air will get you
terrific exposure.

If you have a storefront, set up a window display in your business that features
your book. This can help get people in off the streets and give you more potential
customers. You must do something with your window display that will grab
people’s attention. For example, if you run a travel agency, you can decorate
your book’s window display with a cardboard cut out of the Statue of Liberty, the
Eiffel Tower, or any other important landmark that will make your display more

Make sure you have a plan for capitalizing on the increased exposure. If you get
a lot of new customers, you’ll need to be able to service them properly, or that
great exposure could backfire on you.

For more tips on how to leverage your book to grow your business, be sure to

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