Finding Your Own Business EBooks Topic Niche

As you begin on your journey to become one of the eBook publishers here at SkillBites, you should always keep in mind what other authors have written before you begin writing. While you can repeat a topic that someone else has already written, your chances of making a sale with this will be much lower than your competitor’s.

Repeating the same topic that has already been written about in the business eBooks world puts both you and your competitor at a disadvantage. Instead of having only one choice for the topic, readers must now select between two or more. Chances are, the book that has been on SkillBites for the longest will end up making the sale. This happens not because of customer loyalty, but rather because the older book is going to have more favorable reviews in place.

As eBook publishers, you and your fellow writers must understand that working together is key to producing a wide supply of eBooks for customers to enjoy. Rather than working against each other to provide multiple different versions of the same business eBooks, you should instead find your own niche within the overall topic and write on that.

Finding this niche isn’t as difficult as many writers immediately believe it will be. Instead of focusing on what there is left to write, you should approach this task from the thought line of what has already been written. When you use this method to determine what business eBooks you are going to write, you are doing everyone a favor and even finding more customers to be your own!

Begin by looking over what topics are already being offered in the category. If you want to write about leadership skills, communications, or any other broad category, begin by reviewing the topics that are on hand. Make a list of these topics on a scrap sheet of paper. Study them carefully, and determine where any holes may lie.

These holes in the category offerings will become the niche topics for your business eBooks. As eBook publishers, we can’t stress to you enough the importance of finding your own niche and filling in that hole with your own writings. As time goes on and you gather a collection of eBooks on the site, then you can go back and create your own version of the overall topic itself to join the others. When it comes time to do this, you will have an entire collection of advanced skills eBooks to offer your readers as well, and will gain their loyalty for future purchases.

But you must understand that, as eBook publishers, your ability to make sales depends on providing the customers with what they want. When your business eBooks offer something unique and different for the reader, they will choose you because you bothered to fill in those extant holes in the skill set, and choose you as their author in the future as well.

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