How To Narrow Down Your Developing Skills Style Topic

Before you jump in and start writing eBooks about developing skills to publish here at SkillBites, you need to think about your future eBook publishing projects as well. Eager authors sometimes don’t think, and provide their readers with a general overview of everything they need to pick up a lifestyle skill all in one convenient place. In a single eBook, they divulge a neat, concise list of everything their readers could ever need to know, without going into major detail about any one thing.

We aren’t telling you to short your writers anything that you have promised them. Just don’t offer them more than they need! Before you begin writing, you need to narrow down your topic to something that will provide your customers with a proper eBook on developing skills experience.

Your eBook writing attempts usually begin with a single idea, an urge to write lifestyle eBooks of a certain caliber. Before you begin, consider all the different big areas of this topic. These massive portions of the overall topic are not just different sections for your eBook project. No! These are possible unique eBooks that you can publish on developing the same skill to its fullest extent.

Here at SkillBites, we always like to offer our readers a no-filler guarantee. But this same guarantee allows you to keep the filler of mentioning other topics out of your lifestyle eBooks. For now, you need to narrow down and decide which topic should be your first in your coming line of developing skills eBooks!

As a general rule, decide what your customers need to know to get a basic grasp on the topic. These are the absolute basics, the need to know information that your readers require to learn the base skill. These basic skills should be covered in your first eBook in their entirety.

If you find that there are a lot of these basic skills, then you should cover them all briefly in the first SkillBites eBook that you produce. Once the basic premise of the eBook is in place, your clients will walk away feeling like they have learned the skill in your eBook, as you promised them. This creates happy customers, but still leaves you open for the writing of additional eBooks in the future. As your customers realize that there is more to this topic than only the most basic of skills, they will come back to you, seeking your advice on the “advanced concepts” that they still need to pick up.

When they return to learn more about their chosen topic, that is the time to present them with eBooks regarding these “advanced concepts” of the original topic that you wrote about. It is only when you take the initiative and plan out this break down of your developing skills eBooks into basic and advanced topics that you can make the most out of the concept of narrowing down your writing.


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