How to Sell Your Book in Bulk

book stackIn the recent teleseminar she gave for SkillBites, Charmaine Hammond, international speaker and bestselling author, shared several tips on selling hundreds of copies of your book in bulk. Hammond advised that associations are a great opportunity to sell books in bulk. Start with local associations that have the same audience as your intended readership. Seek speaking engagements with them at monthly meetings or at their annual meeting. Ask the organization if it will increase the registration fee by the cost of your book, enabling each attendee to receive a free copy of your book, or include the cost in your speaker fee.

If there is an event that ties in well with your book, find out if the association (or perhaps a corporate sponsor) would like to purchase copies of your book to give to the attendees, even if you aren’t speaking at the event. Hammond sold 600 copies of her books at one conference when 2 corporate sponsors each donated the proceeds for purchasing 300 copies of her books to give to attendees; and Hammond said it took less than 15 minutes for the 2 transactions. So always ask the event organizer if there is a way to get your book into the hands of the event attendees.

Find out if the associations are doing any kind of holiday gift to their members. Perhaps they would like to send out a copy of your eBook to their members. Write articles for their newsletter, journal or magazine, and mention your book in your byline. After you have pursued the local organization, then seek to get involved at the national level.

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