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Publishing booksIn the recent teleseminar she gave for SkillBites, Charmaine Hammond, international speaker and bestselling author, shared several tips on what publishers are looking for in the authors who they are considering publishing:

• Speaking engagements: if the author has given speeches, that’s a plus, as it show that the author is adept at promoting himself, is committed to getting the message out and is connecting to many people.

• Website: a good website promoting the author’s book is a sign that the author is worth considering.

• Social media platform: a congruent social media platform shows strong branding and the depth of the author’s following.

• Articles: Publication in local or regional publications, or national publications again shows the author’s ability to promote her book, build new audiences and build a brand. Local and regional publications are often looking for content so it’s relatively easy to get articles published in them. For national publications, however, Hammond recommended using a publicist, as there are rules of the game that must be followed.

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