LinkedIn: Your Source For Author Credibility

Social media is a modern development that many professionals tend to overlook. LinkedIn provides one of the most commonly overlooked professional opportunities on the Internet today. Understanding how to use LinkedIn to spread your own credibility is a vital part of being a professional in the modern world, and will help boost the sales of your professional products immensely.

Whatever your chosen field is, you’re a professional. You’ve worked hard, devoting your entire life to developing skills and gaining the credentials that you possess. You’ve experienced the sleepless nights in the library, frantically trying to memorize complicated exam materials or put together that perfect paper. You’ve paid your dues. Within the circle of your peers, this has earned you a name. You have credibility, and the people close to you understand your credentials, and what they mean toward your credibility. However, you must realize that this fact doesn’t hold true to those outside of your personal circle.

When you post materials online such as ebooks, you must understand that you are competing with thousands of other people who have written works on the same topic. Here at Skill Bites, we know that you are a professional, and we proudly display your work on our site. Before people buy ebooks, they frequently want to know why they should consider you to be an expert in your field. Instead of doing complicated searches for every topic you’ve ever participated in, presented on, or written about, the average person will simply go to LinkedIn and search your name there, expecting to find the reference material on your professional career that will convince them that you are legitimately a professional.

By using LinkedIn as a social networking site properly, you will be able to quickly put together a living resume of professional credentials for anyone to see. People often believe that LinkedIn is used only by people who are hunting for a job, or those hunting for new employees. There couldn’t be a bigger misunderstanding of the services that LinkedIn provides. This social networking site is designed to help your credibility be boosted, in anything that you may be doing, by providing a concise list of your past accomplishments for others to view. When you create a LinkedIn account, you will be able to provide readers with a picture to go along with your name, and be able to proudly proclaim your accomplishments to the world.

Ultimately, proper use of a LinkedIn account will help the professional succeed as an author in the cut-throat world of online ebook sales. The information that you provide to your LinkedIn account will help to convince the average person of what makes you the professional that you claim to be. Once they understand that you have the advanced degree, that you’ve published all of these papers, own your own business, and have been regarded as the end-all expert in your field for a decade now, they will be more willing to purchase your ebook. Provide this critical information on LinkedIn today, and see the boost in your credibility and in your ebook sales almost immediately.

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