Potty Training Your Puppy

For both you and your puppy, this is one of the more important things to focus on immediately. And if done correctly, you will quickly have your puppy asking to go outside on a regular schedule.

The general rule of thumb is if your puppy is three month old, he will need to go out every four hours or so.  Every month that your dog ages, you can add another hour, so by the time your puppy is 7 months old (and often sooner) he can hold his need to eliminate for 8 hours. During potty training and the first few weeks you have your puppy, you will be taking him out to eliminate more often until he understands the protocol.

The most important thing to remember while training your puppy is to offer consistent and clear directions and reward for good behavior. You have to set clear, consistent rules your pup can follow.
1. Choose a spot you want your puppy to use as her bathroom. Once she has marked that spot she will return to it each time (with your guidance in the beginning)
2. Pick your potty word and repeat it each and every time she is expected to pee or poop. Whatever word works for you is fine – keep it simple and something you are not embarrassed to be heard saying – often.

Here are the recommended times to get the puppy out:
– After waking in the morning
– After napping
– After eating
– After playing or training
– After being left alone
– Before bedtime

For more details on potty training (and puppy training in general) visit:  https://resources.skillbites.net/missbehave’s-guide-to-bearable-behavior-in-dogs-puppy-training-101-by-miriam-hughes/

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